Best Mouse For Video Editing In 2023


A mouse is a handheld gadget, which transmits your commands to the PC by manipulating the cursor/pointer movement on the computer display. The pointer goes in the same direction as you turn the mouse. Subsequently, You could be a tricky business if you choose the right mouse. From budget mice, which do the work, to rare high-sculpted products with buttons and ultra-high tracking accuracy, there is no lack of choices. But it makes sense to invest in the best mouse you can afford when you’re huge with photos because of video editing because after all, you’ll still need it when your screen is shot and sometimes for long periods. Here, we provide you the list of the best mouse for video editing in this amazing article.

But it is useful to purchase the best mouse you can handle if you agree to video editing and enhancement, you can use it each time you fire up your monitor, and normally even for a long time. Subsequently, In this context, we surely propose that ergonomics should be prioritized first. A mouse with machine suits in the palm and announces a big wrist or arm posture may well make the difference between years of comfortable image processing and the advent of pains and pains caused without ergonomic layout with the additional simple computer mouse.

List of Best Mouse for Video Editing In 2021:

Attoe Vertical MouseAttoeVertical ergonomic design.
Logitech G903 MouseLogitechOutstanding performance.
Logitech MX Master 3 MouseLogitechVery ergonomic.
Carago Wireless MouseCaragoBuilt-in storage and electricity saving
Jelly Comb Vertical MouseJelly CombQuite convenient in person.
Tourbox Video Editing ControllerIkanLoads of device compatibility.
TRELC Ergonomic MouseTRELCRechargeable and Multi-Finishing.
Swiftpoint ProPoint Wireless MouseSwiftpointUnique Technology for Gyroscopes.
Logitech G602 Editing MouseLogitechConvenient.
Razer Naga Trinity MouseRazerMultifunctional side panel.

1. Attoe Vertical Mouse For Video Editing

This vertical mouse has been designed to relieve muscle stress and can also reverse the harm caused by conventional computer mouse for a long period of time. Wrist pain, weakness of the elbow, syndrome of the carpal tunnel, tendinitis may all be eased or, in many cases, regularly removed. With up to 11 programmable keys, this Vertical Wired Gaming Mouse. You can configure all buttons using software programming to fulfill different demands in different games by supporting macro editing.

Attoe Vertical Mouse

Subsequently, PAW3325 10000 DPI gameplay sensor, 100IPS, 20G Acceleration, 5000FPS. Equipped for best game experience. High accuracy. This vertical mouse has unbelievable precision and pace. Give you excellent sensitivity to monitor the best experience in the most challenging games. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Vertical ergonomic design.
  • 11 Soft buttons for you.
  • The best editing experience is high precision.
  • 5 Rocker off.
  • Satisfaction with the customer.


  • No left-hand version.

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2. Logitech G903 Mouse For Video Editing

This is the market’s finest editing mouse. This is wireless but works much like any mouse. It is wireless. Very easy to customize and has excellent software and a friendly interface for a wireless mouse. Unfortunately, you would need to plug in every couple of days to charge, as most editing wireless mice do, unless you spend $100 more on the mouse POWERPLAY. You got into mouse nirvana if you do. But you did.

Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Video Editing Mouse



The distinction between winning anything or losing will be latency. A 1 ms rate report for competitive twitch aiming, featured in LIGHTSPEED wireless technologies. The first and only mouse charging device in the world to hold G903 (and G703) charged while playing and at rest. Max >40G3 acceleration. Range of cable – 1.80 m. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Exclusive technology for wireless charging.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Solid construction standard.
  • Feels fine in the hand. Feels great.


  • Costly.
  • Not very ergonomic, ambidextrous shape.
  • Not a lot better than the old G900 if you don’t use Powerplay.

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3. Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse For Video Editing

The MX Master is the hallmark of the office mouse of Logitech, and why is it simple to see. The sculpted, highly ergonomic form suits well in the palm, with an expanded thumb rest for additional support (only for the right hand – sorry left!). Both comprehensive and very flexible controls with twin thumb buttons underneath a secondary thumb-driven scroll wheel. The primary wheel uses Logitech’s clever electromagnetic scrolling system MagSpeed to provide accurate scrolling when slowly rotating or hyperfast when swung at a speed. The milled steel structure and quiet operation of the wheel further improve the premium feel of this mouse.

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Video Editing Mouse

The battery is equipped with the same ‘handshake’ design, but it has a built-in battery that can carry a charge of around 40 days (6 hours a day for ‘ordinary work’ use) through a USB cable. The MX Master features two scroll wheels – one at the top and one on the side, doing various purposes – as opposed to the Anker 5 programmable keys. The top scrolling wheel has an accurate or free-flowing scrolling variable speed feature. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Excellent consistency.
  • Full with characteristics and controls.
  • Very ergonomic.


  • Use only on the right hand.
  • Cheap.

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4. Carago Mouse For Video Editing

Play and plug-in No need to install a specialized driver, simply insert the USB receiver into your monitor and immediately enjoy the vertical mouse. Standard equipment is equipped with work keys, simple web-browsing, and tablet software buttons, “forward / back.” Rechargeable battery built into it, no more batteries are needed to purchase. If you do not operate for 3 seconds with a breathing LED light, it is entering power savings, and if you do not operate for 8 minutes, the mouse is entering intelligent sleep mode.

Carago Wireless Video Editing Mouse

Ergonomic vertical architecture is anti-fatigue ideal for all sizes of hands. Vertical angle tends to minimize strains of wrist muscles, keep the wrist in a normal state, and stimulates proper “handshake” positioning and neutrality of hand and brace for easier muscle movement. Subsequently, The guarantee duration is one year after purchasing and, should the warranty default, please email us on the purchase history of Amazon and we will reply immediately. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Button Plug-and-play & feature.
  • Design ergonomic and tireless.
  • Built-in storage and electricity saving for rechargeable energy.
  • Three stages and a long-life button can be used to change DPI.
  • Wireless 2.4GHz.


  • Costly.

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5. Jelly Comb Vertical Bluetooth Mouse

You can monitor two computers simultaneously between Android, tablet, and Mac with only one button. Now,  This ergonomic mouse features dual attach modes BT 4.0 and 2,4G RF (USB Nano Receiver in the bottom of the mouse). Silent clicks will provide users with an improved experience and free your concerns about disturbing others and keep you engaged through your work.

Jelly Comb Video Editing Mouse

The ergonomic style positions your hand naturally and provides full hand support for permanent comfort. Thumb concave surface and a slimmer, more convenient handle, with little pinky-finger bottom lip. Subsequently, The wrist pressure and discomfort were reduced effectively. Windows/Android/Mac OS supported Bluetooth smartphones. Wireless mode 2.4G supports all USB port applications. Suitable for computer, notebook, mobile, Mac. Added forward/backward buttons make it easy to browse the webpage. NOTE: Advance/Return buttons won’t fit on Mac. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Good carpal tunnel architecture for humans.
  • This mouse is convenient to use every day.
  • Quite convenient in person.
  • Wireless link Bluetooth & 2.4G.
  • Click and Silent DPI Settings.


  • Not very ergonomic

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6. Tourbox Video Editing Controller Mouse

The Tour box is an editing console for a plugin in which a professionally managed workflow can be accelerated by editing applications (sound, picture, and video). Your box can be adapted to work with almost any form of app and we reviewed it with Adobe Photoshop and DaVinci Resolve for this analysis. Now,  In the first place, the body was completed with an alarm clock with a soft-to-touch rubber: I had other items with a similar finish, which over time became messy messes from chemical breakdowns.

Tourbox Photo and Video Editing Controller

There is currently neither Andriod, iOS nor Linux support. The device installation is a bit harder than normal since drivers must be installed separately. Now,  The installation process was a bit more streamlined, and I used it with a self-constructing Ryzen PC (1700X) that runs Windows 10. The uniqueness of the Tour box combines various controls, including the price, with much competition. The product may however benefit from a certain amount of further research work in the hardware and software industries.


  • Nice range of various touch buttons.
  • Stays on the desk, dense. Dense.
  • Pass-white USB.
  • Cable removable.
  • Loads of device compatibility.


  • A little tiny in height.
  • Freeze on the central knob.
  • Any enhancements are needed for the software.
  • There’s a learning curve to deal with one’s workflow efficiently.

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7. TRELC Ergonomic Mouse For Video Editing

Scientific ergonomic construction gives the hands more protection and warmth and eliminates the bracelet torsion due to the use of conventional mice. Subsequently, Advanced Page Back and Page Forwards functionality keys, where the thumbs are left, make internet surfers, players, and tech professionals more user-friendly. Rechargeable battery integrated. You don’t have to get batteries anymore.


Switch 1000/1600/2400 to adjust the reactance of the mouse according to your needs or preferences. Optical Detection technology makes accurate tracking on a variety of surfaces more sensitive. Using the supplied Dongle transceiver to connect to your device wirelessly if you do not have to be connected to a wired or cable. Because the mouse is an easy plug-and-play unit, and after plugging in a USB port, your machine can automatically find it. We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Execution Resistance Vertical Design. Vertical Design.
  • Professional High Precision Mouse.
  • Rechargeable Multi-Finishing.
  • The Mouse Accommodates USB.
  • Massive Reliability.


  • Use only on the right hand.
  • Cheap.

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8. Swiftpoint ProPoint Mouse For Video Editing

It looks like a mouse is too short. One PC consumers can at least use conveniently. The Swiftpoint ProPoint is, however, not only a practical mouse, it is a rather ergonomic mouse with many benefits over standard peripheral models. Subsequently, You will see, this mouse is not made for conventional use. That is because the palm of your hand isn’t supposed to protect it. It is designed to hold like a pen between your fingers like the original travel mouse in your suit, so it would be close to dragging a stylus on your tablet if a cursor across the screen is moved.

Swift point Pro Point Video Editing Mouse

Therefore, Much better, because of the lightweight size, you can use it without issues in a small room. Because In reality, it can be used without requiring any more space on the laptop’s palm rest. Therefore, It can be wired via USB or via Bluetooth, formerly recharging the battery automatically during operation. Because If fully charged, the battery will last for a month and a charge of 30% should be sufficient to enable you to use the battery wirelessly for an hour, ideal for circumstances of an emergency. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Design Of The Prize-Winning Pen Handle.
  • Laser Pointer Interactive.
  • Deviation Presentation For An Introductory Speaker.
  • Property Ipad.
  • Unique Technology For Gyroscopes.
  • Makes The Journey Compact And Mobile Light.


  • No cons for this mouse.

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9. Logitech G602 Mouse For Video Editing

Logitech G-series mice are built to be playful, but the G602 has a far more subtle style that makes them equally appropriate for creativity and gamers where other gaming mice look honestly silly! Therefore, The benefit of choosing a game mouse over a traditional rodent is it is designed to cope with severe violence, plus you have more buttons in the case of the G602 than in the 1980s. In total, 15 with 6 thumbs driven alone. There are 15.

Logitech G602 Video Editing Mouse

Therefore, The G602’s 16 000 dpi tracking sensor is far more accurate than you would ever have needed to edit the image, as is the case for the 1ms response time for the Lightspeed wired link. Therefore, In this mode, you can use up to 240 hours, but in this mode, you can anticipate normal use for up to 5.5 months, because Logitech also features the G604 Bluetooth communication for reduced power consumption. To sum up, We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Wireless.
  • 12 keys. Doors.
  • Lasting.
  • Long lifetime of the battery.
  • Use AA batteries as standard.
  • Good driver suite. – Good driver suite.
  • Convenient.
  • Wonderful sensor.


  • Weigh a lot of batteries.
  • You are always likely to run out of juice.
  • There is no true macro power.

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10. Razer Naga Trinity Mouse For Video Editing

The sensitivity adjustment can be made on the fly using dedicated DPI buttons for editing. 3 side plates with sizes of 2, 7, and 12-button interchangeable. Therefore, Enables the repair and allocation by Razer Synapse of dynamic macro functions.

Razer Naga Trinity Video Editing Mouse

Therefore, Included preset profiles are supported in 16.8 million w/color combos. Small and tactile bumps improve grip and allow balanced scrolling in editing scenarios with high stakes. To sum up,  It Supports a 2-year guarantee of up to 50 million taps. We would highly recommend this best mouse for video editing.


  • Multifunctional side panel.
  • Simple to personalize.
  • More than the ancient Naga sensor.


  • Synapse 3 is still an improvement but not a perfect work in progress.
  • No height or length may be adjusted.
  • The button layouts learning curve.

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In conclusion, we have listed some best mouse for video editing for you to choose the best according to you. Therefore, A video editing mouse helps you get the results you’re looking for, which render eventually a tough job of editing and refining pictures. Therefore, Remember to always choose the right device to help you get the best possible outcome. Hope you have found this article amazing, keep supporting it!

Thank you!


What mouse is best for graphic design?

The Logitech MX Master 3 is the best mouse for graphics design. Because this is the best mouse for creatives right now. Therefore, The MX Master is the hallmark of the office mouse of Logitech, and why is it simple to see.

Do I need a mouse for Photoshop?

Most players support a standard keyboard and mouse when using photoshop, but you need the right equipment. Therefore, if you really want to work as a Photoshop professional.

Are a wired mouse is better?

To sum up, A wired mouse is basically a little more sensitive and quicker. For the average machine consumer, it is a cheaper and more practical way. Therefore, The portable cursor, on the other hand, is a touch more flashy and has total freedom of movement on its desk.

Which type of mouse is best?

Focus on the device’s size and grip when deciding on the best mouse. Subsequently, The mouse scale normally decreases to the hand size. For instance, a person with smaller hands might find larger mice quite unmanageable. Some mouse also allows various types of grips, fingertip grip, palm grip, and claw grip.

Best trackball mouse for video editing?

Logitech MX Ergo The best trackball mouse for photo editing. Therefore, Trackball mice aren’t for everyone, but they offer a level of pointer precision that some find unbeatable. 

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