You can create more exciting and creative content with the best keyboard for video editing. If you are editing videos with your simple keyboard then you experience with be three-time with video editing keyboards. Because these are specially designed for video editing purposes. And it can enhance your experience and also boost your performance.

The heart of any keyboard is the keys. Many keyboards use shortcut keys for compactness and smooth flow. But if you want a long keystroke, which will give you more defined keys. And spending on mechanical keyboards is worth well. If you are editing videos for long period then a board with a wrist rest, preferably padded and a large board could help with your work. And also reduce chances of pain and RSI.

A keyboard that is primarily designed for video editing will have media playback shortcut keys, multifunctional dial design which will provide you a faster and good experience. These boards have permanently labeled keys on them, and group keys with different colors relative to the functions. It can speed up your video editing.


If you are looking for the best keyboards for video editing, then keep reading to get information about the 10 best keyboards for video editing in 2021.

List of 10 Best Keyboard for Video Editing In 2021

Name BrandPros
LogicKeyboard ALBA AVID Media Composer Mac Wired KeyboardLogicKeyboardEasy to set up the keyboard
Adobe Premiere KeyboardEditors Keyscan do your work 50% faster
ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO, RGB Mechanical Gaming KeyboardROCCATIt has premium mechanical keys
Corsair K83 Wireless KeyboardCorsairIt has a long battery life of 40hours
Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Rapidfire Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCorsairIt has micro programable keys
Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Editor KeyboardBlackmagic DesignIt has intelligent keyboard edit modes
Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Mechanical Gaming KeyboardCorsairIt has Cherry MX switches
Loupedeck Photo and Video Editing Console Premiere ProLoupedeckSimple software adjustments
LogicKeyboard Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CCLogicKeyboardIt has a high-speed USB port
Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless KeyboardLogitechIt has Crown Tool for quick access to function

1. LogicKeyboard ALBA AVID Keyboard for Video Editing

The LogicKeyboard ALBA AVID comes with a built-in chip for macOS. It has high compatibility because it can work with various software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and many others.

The LogicKeyboard ALBA is built to make your life easier with all advanced features. It has an Apple shortcut key dedicated to macOS and comes with many awesome features. And macOS chip makes it easier to set up a keyboard.

It has a smooth and sleek design; you will not get tired even during working hours. You don’t have to go through some diver installation. Just plug in the keyboard and start using it.


  • First, It has two built-in USB ports
  • Second, It has a wired connection interface
  • and third, It has a 4mm travel key


  • First, easy to set up the keyboard
  • Second, it is lightweight and has LED indicators.
  • And same colors indications for a similar function


  • It is only compatible with macOS

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2. Adobe Premiere Keyboard for Video Editing

The Adobe Premiere Keyboard looks like a periodic table with allows you a faster experience for video and picture editing. It has all the basic and advances feature you want. Because you will have all shortcut keys at your fingertips. And it will improve your performance up to 50%.

You will find similar or related functions with the same color which will help in the rapid finding of function. And on each key, you will have a shortcut value too. This fast and simple design best keyboard for video editing is used worldwide by professionals.


  • It has the same color code for similar functions
  • It has a professional look
  • And most widely used keyboard.


  • First, it comes with a one-year warranty
  • Second, not much costly
  • And Third, it can do your work 50% faster


  • It is not a wireless keyboard

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3. ROCCAT Vulcan 120 AIMO, RGB Keyboard for Video Editing

The looks sometimes do not matter when you are looking for the best keyboard for video editing. And the ROCCAT Vulcan 120 has a simple and elegant look with a smooth design.

The RGB lights effect looks beautiful in dim light and dark. When little high and transparent keys, you will enjoy your editing. The anodized plate is improved to enhance the rigidity of the keyboard.

You have large detectable wrist rest for improved ergonomic. It also has extra dedicated keys for volume dial, media keys, and video playback.


  • It recognizes keystroke signals 20% faster than other keyboards on the market
  • And its computing power increase with your experience


  • First, it has an eye-catching design
  • Second, it has premium mechanical keys
  • And third, it has media dials and hotkeys


  • It is only compatible with windows
  • It is very large and expensive as well

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4. Corsair K83 Keyboard for Video Editing

This is the best keyboard for video editing because it can be connected to a PC, smart Tv, and streaming box as well. Its aluminum body has improved integrated sensors and joystick for easy navigation during editing.

With wireless technology user’s data is save and also has long battery life. It can work for 40hours with a full charge.

As I mentioned above, you can connect to mobile and other gadgets through Bluetooth and get the advanced feature for video editing.


  • It is compatible with PC, smart TV, and other gadgets
  • And has white LED backlighting


  • First, it has a long battery life of 40hours
  • Second, it is lightweight
  • And durable aluminum body


  • It has an inconvenient touchpad
  • And can be batter for gamers

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5. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Keyboard for Video Editing

The body is made of anodized brushed aluminum and also has detachable soft-touch write rest. The keys have CHERRY MX speed with quick response. It has 8GB onboard storage for macros and backlight settings.

and also has some advanced features for video editing such as multimedia control for maximum use of elements and a USB port.

It is enhanced with CORSAIR iCUE software that ensures bright dynamic multicolor backlighting, synchronization of the system, and complex macro programming.


  • It has 8GB of internal storage.
  • It has CHERRY MX for quick response.
  • And has advance CORSAIR iCUE software


  • First, it has good aluminum wriest rest
  • Second, it has built-in multimedia control
  • And third, it has micro programable keys


  • It is not compatible with Linux
  • And have sharp edges.

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6. Blackmagic Design DaVinci Keyboard for Video Editing

This video editing tool is designed to work with DaVinci Resolve. It has a metal body for lifelong and durability. And it has an Advance QWERTY layout and had all frequently used functions of video editor such as source tab, in & out points, and trim editor button.

It has several levels of keys and above mechanical switches to endure millions of clicks. There also some interesting elements of the keyboard, such as a keypad for direct time code and has control dial for quick navigation.

Because of the search dial, you can use your hands for editing. When hands are set in then the right one controls the location.


  • It enables faster editing with NLE software
  • It has a search dial control
  • And with the source tape, you can search quickly


  • First, it has a durable metal body.
  • Second, it has a keypad for time code entry
  • And third, also has intelligent keyboard edit modes


  • It slightly bigger
  • And can cost you high as well

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7. Corsair K95 RGB Platinum Keyboard for Video Editing

This is the beautiful best keyboard for video editing purposes. And the main functions of editing are assigning to the 6 highlighted keys.

You can also adjust these keys according to what you need in Adobe Premiere Pro. And additionally, it has onboard 8MP storage space to save macros. It is also equipped with hot-swap built-it 3 keys profiles. You can on and off the RGBA lights according to your needs.

Users can control shutdown the volume, multimedia and also could adjust the volume with keyboards.


  • It is wired keyboards with beautiful RGBA lights.
  • It has 6 highlighted keys for the main function.
  • And has a durable aluminum body


  • First, it has double short keys
  • Second, it has Cherry MX switches
  • And third, has onboard memory to save macros


  • It has a complex structure
  • And stream Deck functionality is not much perfect

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8. Loupedeck Photo and Video Editing Console Premiere Pro

The Loupedeck Video Editing Console Premiere Pro is highly compatible with various software such as Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC with Camera Raw, lightroom 6, After Effects CC, Final Cut Pro X, and Beta integration with Capture One.

If you are a beginner then you can easily learn Loupedeck, and it will become your second nature to use it. You can edit thousands of videos and pictures easily. And with a professional best Keyboard for Video Editing, you can use multiple functions with just one click. And in that way, you can edit pictures and videos in the full-screen view.


  • It is highly compatible with many software.
  • It has Pro features with a beginner’s guide.
  • And it has HSL scroll wheels


  • First, it has 4 light indicators
  • Second, simple software adjustments
  • And third, it has unlimited numbers of settings


  • It is for experienced users
  • And has no backlighting

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9. LogicKeyboard Designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

LogicKeyboard Adobe Premiere Pro CC is designed for video editing keyboard design with different color code keys. So that it can be flexible with Adobe Premier Pro. It has advanced scissor keys that can smoothly press and did not produce sound while working.

The keyboard has a high-speed USB 2.0 port through which you can connect the mouse or contour shuttle. And it also has a multi-color function, if you get bored with a single color, then you can select 1 out of 5 color modes depending upon the lighting. It has a small and compact design with less weight.


  • It has 104 keys
  • It is specially designed for Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • And also compatible with macOS


  • First, it is easy to install and work
  • Second, it has a high-speed USB port
  • Third, it has 5 different backlight modes.
  • And fourth, Adobe Premier Pro functions are available


  • You have to reprogramed some keys
  • And keys can get squeaky sometimes.

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10. Logitech Craft Advanced Keyboard for Video Editing

The smooth and elegant Logitech Craft video editing keyboard does not have shortcuts keys and also functions detail on keys. Rather than these, it has one special element, which is the crown tool. Through which it can control the volume of PC, and you can assign any function to this tool. Touch the crown to quickly access the functions.

It is considered the best keyboard for video editing because it is compatible with different software such as Photoshop, Microsoft Word & Excel, Lightroom, and several web browsers as well.

The keyboard can guide you about the software you need to install. And you can enhance the performance by adjusting the Fn key and connect the mouse. You can connect the keyboard through wire and Bluetooth as well.


  • It has Crown Tool for quick access to function
  • It is compatible with macOS and Windows 7 and above.
  • And also, a rechargeable video editing keyboard


  • First, it has Hand-Proximity sensors
  • Second, it has a tactile key response
  • And also has an easy switch function


  • It has poor battery life when lights are on

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Guide to buy the best keyboard for video editing

If you are looking for the best keyboard for video editing and not sure what to look for to buy it. Then I can help you with few features you should look at before buying the keyboard for video editing.

1. Connectivity option

To look for a connectivity option before buying the keyboard is important. If you don’t want wires and want more freedom then go for a wireless keyboard. The wireless keyboard transmits data to the PC in 2 ways, one is through Bluetooth connectivity with no dongles required and the second is RF connection.

You will find both wireless and wired keyboards for video editing in the market. Both have their pros and cons respectively. If you want no wires on your desk and flexibility to use the keyboard such as to use from distance or to use in the lap. Then wireless keyboard is the best option for you. But you have to frequently change the keyboards for regular use.

2. Ergonomic and layout

Not all keyboards are the same and with similar specifications and performance. Some will you exciting experiences or some with multiply your performance.

Most keyboards offer a 10-key numeric pad. Which are mostly used by peoples who tally data and enters data into spreadsheets. You can buy different types of keyboards such as keyboards for gaming, video editing, or data entry as well.

There are also similar elements available in the keyboards such as page up & down, Home keys, End keys, and arrow keys. And other keys currently present in the video editing keyboard such as media control keys, play, pause, track change keys, and volume buttons.

Some makers add some additional good features as dial, volume control, roller, and HyperX models.

3. Keys and switches

The keys matter most when comes to video editing because it helps you to improve your performance and video editing experience. There are mainly three types of switches scissors switch, a mechanical switch, and silicone dome switches.

Most of the medium-budget keyboards use silicone dome switches with two layers of the silicone membrane. And also, few use scissors switches for a uniform feel, smooth workflow.

4. Models: Mechanical keyboards or Gaming keyboards

Gaming keyboards are designed for fast response, optimization, maximum specification, and durability. They are also giving exciting look and appeal to all programs with RGB lights.

Premium keyboards are built with high technologies and high-grade mechanical keys. These keyboards also allow you various customization to keys.


What is the best budget keyboard for video editing?

If you are looking for the best keyboards for video editing then your average budget is 60$ to 100$. You can also find low-budget video editing keyboards for less the 60$ but you have to do some compromise. You can also view our list of the 10 best keyboards for video editing.

Which is the best wireless keyboard for video editing?

You can find various keyboards for video editing with different specifications in a market with different piece ranges. You can also view our list of the 10 best keyboards for video editing. You can also few important features, which will help you to buy keyboards for video editing.


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