Best Xbox Controller in 2023


If you ask anyone, which is the best Xbox controller. There is the chance that he would say, the official Xbox controller is the best available in the market. And you don’t want to spend the high cost to buy the official one. But don’t lose hope there many other best Xbox controllers in the market that can cost-friendly and will also give you the best experience.

And also, the best controller for a PC can easily be attached to the PC. Many PC games are compatible with all these Xbox controllers. And you can easily use these Xbox controllers without any difficult configuration or setting.

If you are using the best Xbox controller then you will mainly be using the index finger, thumb, and middle finger. That way you can play faster and will have an efficient user experience. And you will enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

If you face difficulties in finding the best Xbox controller, then we have a list of the 9 best Xbox Controllers that can help you to find the controller that is compatible with your choice.

List of 8 Best Xbox Controllers:

Elite Series 2 ControllerMicrosoftIt has a smooth and excellent design
PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for XboxPowerAIt has advanced gaming buttons
PDP Gaming Wired ControllerPDPIt has a detachable long wire
Hyperkin Duke Wired ControllerHyperkinIt has an AMOLED screen.
PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired ControllerPowerAIt has Good solid construction
Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming ControllerRAZERIt is specially designed for efficient usage
Xbox Core ControllerMicrosoftIt can work with a range of devices
PowerA FUSION Pro Wired ControllerPowerALED light options with different lights

1. Elite Series 2 Controller

The is one of the best Xbox controllers which you can find in the market. It is so comfortable that you can use it for hours without getting tired. Its structure is so flexible and easy to hold and use. And like all other best Xbox controllers it has a long lifespan, so serious farmers can use these.

You can play like a professional with this Xbox controller and it is wireless as well. You don’t have to worry about the length of the wire. Due to its compact design, you have all the buttons in one place. There are paddles on the last which you can map to any button of functionality using the companion app such as Xbox one and windows 10.

Elite Series 2 Controller

The controller is covered with smooth touch material and also handgrips and trigger stops. You may think that its cost is high but this Xbox is for those who are willing to pay for it. You can also check others Xbox controllers according to your budget. But if you buy this one, then it will stay with you for a long time.


  • First, it has a smooth and excellent design
  • Second, it has a good build quality
  • Third, you can manually set button with the app
  • Fourth, it has a Bluetooth connection
  • And fifth, it also has a changeable D-pad and sticks


  • It has a high cost
  • It may be a little heavier than others

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2. PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox

The enhanced wires controller looks like the original Xbox when you first look at it but with few differences. It is available in 10 different patterns and colors with white, green, and black as well.

The enhanced wire controller has a U-shaped frame with a curved and large gripe, a direction pad, two analog sticks, and two shoulder buttons, and many more features in one place make it one of the best Xbox controllers. So, don’t confuse it with Xbox original. And assigning functions to the extra button is very easy just by clicking the button behind the controller. When the green LED flashes then give the input you want to set for the button.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

The big difference between the Xbox One and Enhanced wired controller is that it has two advanced gaming buttons and two flat trigger-like controls which on the back of the controller. It is a functional, inexpensive, and simple Enhanced controller at a reasonable price. And the buttons at the back come very handily sometimes.


  • First, it has responsive controls.
  • Second, it comes in good build quality
  • Third, it has advanced gaming buttons.
  • And fourth, it is not much expensive.


  • It is wire-supported only.
  • And has a slightly small button the Xbox one.

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3. PDP Gaming Wired Controller

When I first look at PDP gaming wired, I thought it was the original Xbox. But after reviewing its features I found out that it is a wired controller with some additional PDP gaming functionality.

It is the lightweight best Xbox controller because it does not have any additional hardware such as Bluetooth devices and wireless which have batteries to keep it going. When you hold the controller, you can feel the raised patterns and looks great when you try to catch the light with it. You have the PDP gaming Hub app, which you can download on both Windows and Xbox One console.

PDP Gaming Wired Controller

If it is your first experience with a wired controller then it will take time to adjust to this, but don’t worry you will learn quickly. If you buy a good Xbox controller at a reasonable price then you can easily use it with family and friends. But if your favorite and expensive controller broke unintentionally by a friend, it will hurt you.


  • First, it has a smooth and beautiful design similar to Xbox one.
  • Second, it can enhance gameplay with vibration
  • Third, it has a detachable long wire
  • And fourth it is highly compatible


  • It does not have a Bluetooth connection.

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4. Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

The Hyperlink Dule wired Controller looks beautiful in black color with a professional design. People said that third-party products are cheap and did not have a long lifespan, but you cannot say this about this Duke wired controller. It may feel a little heavier when you hold it, but that’s due to good material.

With such design and quality, you can say that it is directly from Microsoft labs. The trigger feels refined and allows similar travel and provides resistance to the official controllers. And with two new shoulders button helps you to play efficiently. The beautiful thing about this Duke’s best Xbox controller that it has a big AMOLED circular display in the center.

Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller

Now, the directional button uses less as compared to the past when it mostly used to give more control. The Hyperkin works on the original D-pad to make it more preside and tactile. The joystick has rubber-like material to make it less slippery.


  • First, it has a beautiful and eye-catching design.
  • Second, it gives you of good gaming experience.
  • And third, it has an AMOLED screen.


  • It is a wired-supported Xbox controller.
  • It is relatively bid, not for small hands.

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5. PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller

If you are looking for the best Xbox controller but at a relatively low price then this can be your best choice with such good features and design. This is an enjoyable and well-made Xbox controller. And due to its compatibility, you can also use it with local multiplayer.

Its size may be a little smaller and shape not like another regular Xbox controller. And its buttons are at the right place for a fast playing experience. You will find it attractive because of illuminated strips around the button, edges, and sticks. Which look beautiful in dip light or dark. You have the option of 7 different LED colors for lighting.

PowerA Spectra Enhanced Illuminated Wired Controller

It does not support Bluetooth and has a wired connection. And has a 9.8ft USB cable. You can easily use it in a comfortable environment while playing with family and friends. It comes with a 2-year warranty, which means they pay attention to give the best experience to their use. With this Xbox controller, you can enjoy few features of Elite series 2 but at a relatively low price.


  • First, it has a relatively good price
  • Second, it has Good solid construction
  • Third, it has a great design close to an official one
  • And fourth, it has rear paddles and trigger stops.


  • It has a wire connection
  • And has a soft but grubby coating

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6. Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Xbox Controller

This efficient Razer Wolverine V2 is one of the best Xbox controllers, specially built for an exciting gaming experience. It has no RGB light, has fewer mappable buttons, and uses a Fixed USB type A rather than a detachable one. But despite all these, this can give you semi-pro experience in price.

With its new design, it is easy to grip in hands with a smooth surface and rubber around the handles. And with green beautiful lining which separate the handles from the center and creates a professional look. It gives you two extra buttons for mapping and to use according to need. You can easily remap the buttons with the Razer Controller setup app.

Razer Wolverine V2 Wired Gaming Controller for Xbox Series X

You can also set up the sensitivity of Razer Mice easily. And also, you to increase or decrease the analog stick sensitivity. It is specially designed for precision and greater control.


  • First, it is specially designed for efficient usage.
  • Second, it has good Mecha-tactile switches
  • And third works good with Xbox and PC


  • It does not support Bluetooth
  • It has a non-detachable cable
  • And does not match with pro products.

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7. Xbox Core Controller

The Xbox wireless controller is not the latest product but a revised version of the Xbox one but with an upgraded feature to enhance user experience. It feels smooth in hand with improved tactile textures and more refined geometry. And it also has a share button, to take screenshots and share them with friends and family or on social media.

It has relatively less costly and easily affordable for everyone. Because it is highly compatible, it can work with a range of devices. It has good battery life with AA batteries and you have to buy it separately. If you tried buying batteries again and again then you can directly connect it with the controller through USB-C type.

Xbox Core Controller

Because it has a small and smooth structure it can easily fit in small and also in big hand as well. It will be comfortable in all hand sizes. It will give you premium quality but in less piece with comparatively good features.


  • First, it will feel like a premium
  • Second, it can work with a range of devices
  • Third, it has improved geometry and texture
  • And fourth, it has impulse trigger feel


  • It has a share button, then can feel awkward
  • And not rechargeable

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8. PowerA FUSION Pro Wired Controller

The FUSION Pro Controller resembles with Xbox controller with sharper angles and good hand grip. It has a decent D-pad, in design and quality the Fusion pro has no exception. But it does not stand out like any other best Xbox controller.

It has a good noticeable thicker and 1mm tall analog stick. And 20mm wide stick top and its textured edges did not collect dirt like Xbox one. But some people find this analog stick wider and people with small hands will find it difficult to use it.

PowerA FUSION Pro Wired Controller for Xbox

The Fusion Pro has beautiful LED light features which you can operate through buttons easily. The first button will turn on the lower rim Xbox controller and the bottom button will turn on the light on both analog sticks. And with a middle button, you can change light colors among four different colors. You have to set it each time your turn on the Xbox Controller.


  • It has LED light options with different lights.
  • And has a beautiful and flawless design.


  • And has a little taller analog stick.
  • And has a little high cost, only buy it if you have a budget.

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To Buy the best Xbox controller, always review these factors first

1. Compatible

Before buying an Xbox controller for your make sure that it will be compatible with your Xbox. And also check if it will be compatible with other devices. There is multiple best Xbox controller in the market that are not only compatible with the Xbox one but also with other multiple devices.

2. Comfort

If you are a serious gamer then compatibility matters. Because the Xbox controller should feel good. Some Xbox controllers are large and some are designed to fit in every hand size. So, make sure it is comfortable in hand and lightweight as well.

3. Wire or wirelesses

If you the original Xbox controller then it is the only wireless best Xbox controller in the market. All other are wired controllers. If you want a wireless controller then it will be a little heavier than the others available in the market. And you have to buy the battery along with the Xbox and it is not a recharge battery.

But with all these features it is also very expensive. If you are not a professional gamer then this should be your best option. Because you can buy a good wired controller that will very comfortable to play with.

4. Connectivity

While reviewing all others features, you should also pay attention to the connectivity. There are multiple factors that you can see in connectivity. Such as the length of the wire should be long enough to play comfortably. Such as 2 to 3 meters long. And if it is warless then its range should be around 9 to 19 meters.

If it is a wireless Xbox controller then also think about the battery life because sometimes it gets to the finish in a short time.


What’s better Xbox One Elite controller or SCUF?

The Xbox One Elite controller is the best in the market because it is from original manufactures. and SCUF is also good but not more efficient than the Xbox one Elite.

What Xbox controller does Pro use?

The Xbox Elite Controller is mostly used by Pro’s because it is highly compatible, beautiful, and smooth design, great gaming experience, and also has a long lifespan.

Is the Xbox Elite controller worth it?

If you want to buy an Xbox Elite controller then it is worth buying it. Because it is more efficient, good design, long battery life, comfortable but yet expensive. If you are willing to spend a high cost then you must buy this Xbox Elite controller.

Is the Xbox Elite controller 2 worth it?

The Xbox Elite Controller and Xbox Elite controller 2 are the best Xbox controllers in the market. The series 2 is a more advanced one with few upgrade features. But these two are the same. So if you want some upgrade version then buy Xbox Elite controller 2

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