Best VR Gaming Headset In 2023 – Detailed Review


Today, people are distant from each other, they don’t spend time together. And busy with their own life. The best VR gaming headset starts creating its place. It may be not the get the social gathering spot, but is improving to take the place among the different workplace.

The best VR gaming headset does not have to be a powerful device, because a person has to wear it around the head. So, it has to be comfortable, light, and convenient. The barrier between virtual reality is that it needs you to be free to play games. You cannot perform two tasks in a single time.

The best VR gaming headset can cost you much, but with advanced features, investing in the best VR gaming headset is worth it. Advanced VR headset does not need external tracking sensors and has to start each time before playing.

If you are looking for the best VR gaming headset, then for your convenience, we have created a shortlist of the 10 best VR gaming Headsets with small details. Which can help you to choose.

10 best VR Gaming Headset list:

Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality HeadsetOculusIt has a sharp display
BNEXT VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android PhoneBNEXTIt is lightweight and comfortable
SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality HeadsetSAMSUNGIt has a high-resolution screen display
Professional HP Reverb Virtual Reality HeadsetHPIt has a comfortable design
Oculus – Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming HeadsetOculusIt has improved image quality
Valve Index VR Full KitValveIt has fantastic audio
HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality SystemHTCIt has gradually improved the game library
HTC Vive Cosmos Elite HeadsetHTCIt has upgrade features of Cosmos Elite
Sony PlayStation VRSonyIt has PlayStation VR headset connections
DESTEK 2021 V5 VR Headset, 110°FOV Anti-Blue LightDESTEKIt has maximum phone support

1. Oculus Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset

The Oculus Quest 2 is smaller and lighter in weight at 17.7 ounces. It has a plastic smooth white design and has a form eye mask for a comfortable experience. And has four different position tracking cameras are at the edges.

On the left side, it has a USB-C port and headphone jack. And on the right side, it has one home power button and an LED indicator. The volume button is inside the headset. You can easily adjust the headset according to need and comfort.

Oculus Quest 2 All-In-One VR Headset

For controls buttons, it has two handsets with round empty shape should be upward for easy tracking. The circular controls are is carefully design for the best experience and easy thumb rest, when you are not using them.


  • It has a premium display for the best gaming experience.
  • It is PC VR compatible.
  • And has ultimate control handles for fast response.


  • First, the cable is not required
  • Second, it has a sharp display
  • Third, it has a powerful processor
  • And forth accurate motion tracking


  • It has a short battery life
  • And required a Facebook account

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2. BNEXT Best VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android

The BNEXT VR headset is made with ABS plastic which increases its durability. You can easily adjust the headset around your head using a rubber strap. And also has a compatible nose gap for all sizes. The irregular nose gap can lead to light leakage, which can be an off-putting factor for users.

The performance of the VR headset mostly depends upon the mobile display. Because the VR headset converts the mobile display to large enough, to provide you full HD display. And let you feel the virtual reality. But BNEST tried its best lenses to provide you a sharp and clear image.

VR Headset Compatible with iPhone & Android Phone

Overall, the BNEXT VR headset is the best mobile VR headset available. It comes with durability, smart lock at less cost. And will provide a virtual reality experience directly through your mobile.


  • It is considered the best mobile sported VR headset
  • It has advanced VR gaming technology
  • And has a comfortable and extended wear design


  • First, you can easily setup
  • Second, it is user friendly
  • Third, it is lightweight and comfortable
  • And fourth, it is affordable


  • It has no interactive

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3. SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset

The Samsung HMD odyssey+ has a 590g light and has ergonomic new tweaks for comfort. It has a dual AMOLED lens at the front and with built-in headphones. And with all these features it is still light.

The headset circle, lens distance, and height of the headphones all are in relativity good size. It can easily fi to any normal size head, but can cause an issue if you have a relativity large head size.

SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ Windows Mixed Reality Headset

But if you are using the VR headset for a longer period of life, then you will face pressure on your mind, which is not good for your health. It has a sharp and clear image with a 1440×1600 resolution. And Odyssey+ also has an anti-screen door effect.

And the good news is that no need for additional sensors because the 6 cameras give you 6 degrees of freedom.


  • It has an anti-side AMOLED display
  • It has 6 cameras for broader tracking
  • And has premium built-in headphones


  • First, it has an anti-screen door effect
  • Second, it has a high-resolution screen display
  • Third, built-in 3D sound headphones
  • And fourth, it is easy to setup


  • You will feel pressure after long usage
  • And it is limited by windows mixed reality.

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4. Professional HP Reverb best VR gaming Headset

The professional HP Reverb has taken the design idea from Oculus. It has little weight and has a plastic headband for comfortable use. A thin plastic strap for both sides and nylon head strip, all meet at the back to create a circular ring around the head, to keep it in place.

HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset

And it comes with pair of on-ear headphones on both sides that can easily be settled outside the ear. It is a 2.89inch LCD resolution of 2160 x 2160. And other headsets which have the same HD resolution are Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Pro. With high resolution, it will provide a clear and sharp image to the viewer. And considered one of the best VR gaming headsets in the market.


  • It has a field view of 114°
  • It has Windows mixed reality controllers
  • And has 2160 x 2160 high image resolution


  • First, it has sharp image resolution
  • Second, it has a comfortable design
  • And third, it can work with steam VR


  • The windows mixed reality has limited access and can feel awkward
  • To work with Steam VR, you will require some work first
  • And can lose its battery quickly on a motion controller

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5. Oculus – Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

The Oculus – Rift S is compatible with PC and delivers the image from it to the use rather than mobile. It can connect through a USB port, a DisplayPort connection, and a lengthy cable to allow sure to freely move around in a room. and it can be tricky because it is not warless like other best VR gaming headsets.

Oculus - Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

It can easily adjust around your head with the crown shape straps. And it is compostable as well to provide the best user experience. And has external cameras to track your position around the room. Because it has 2 sides, 2 front, and 1 upward camera, all their collectivity provides you efficient tracking system.

And its control ship is also weightless and ergonomic design for a good user experience.


  • It has built-in 3D headphones
  • It has external cameras to track the position
  • And has wheel adjustable Halo headphones for comfort


  • First, external sensors are not needed
  • Second, it has improved image quality
  • And third, it is backward compatible


  • It has less refresh rate
  • It is not a wireless VR
  • And also, prone to crashing

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6. Valve Index VR Full Kit

The Valve Index VR is comfortable to wear and can be used easily used for a long period. It can feel a bit heavier than the Rift S but due to good design, the weight is distributed around the head.

And it has built-in speakers and is powered by speaker drivers, instead of built-in speakers usually found. It will provide you three-dimensional sound to enhance your music experience. And with all these features you can easily wear this best VR gaming headset for an extended period.

Valve Index VR Full Kit

The controls are specially designed for one-finger functionality. You can perform all tasks with one finger. This feature you may not find any devices until now. It provides you high-resolution image quality and also has a screen door effect.


  • It has one finger control mode
  • It will provide good resolution image
  • And also has a screen door effect


  • First, it has finger tracking controllers
  • Second, it has the best screen display
  • And third, also has fantastic audio


  • It has a frustrating setup

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7. HTC VIVE Pro best VR gaming headset

The HTV Vive Pro has a relatively less price when it was launched first.  It has a native resolution of 28820 x 1600 versus 2160 x 1200. And it has many advanced changes as compare to the previous one, to make it more comfortable and convenient.

It comes with built-in headphones, which will provide you high sound quality and will easily adjust around the ears. And with an outside volume button, you can easily adjust the volume according to need. You don’t have to remove the headset to adjust the volume.

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System

There is a new strap with a headset, which will hold the headset easily and comfortably. And keep it from moving when the particular intense move is taken by the player. It has rubber nose guards which prevent the light from filtering.


  • It has a STEAM VR 2.0 tracking system
  • It SPATIAL audio noise cancellation feature
  • And due to the adjustable headset, it can fit many different head sizes


  • First, it has improved fidelity
  • Second, it has built-in headphones
  • And third, it has gradually improved the game library


  • Its cost is high
  • and has non-new hardware with jitteriness

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8. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Headset

The HTC Vive Cosmos Elite has a high-resolution image display and a comfortable headset. You will find a 3.4-inch 2880 x 1700 resolution LCD in all cosmos family which offers a 1440x 1700 image display. And this is relativity high resolution than the Oculus and Valve index.

It follows the basic headset design, like 3 straps meeting behind the head, to stable the headset. But all the weight comes to the head, which can create pressure on the head after some time. And you will feel slightly unwieldy at times even if it stays in place.

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Headset

If you talk about experience, then six cameras inside and out tracking to provide you all side view. Because of the HTC technology, it is smart enough to detect the hand’s movement in room light and can guess that where your hands are going out of the camera range.


  • It has high & shape image resolution
  • It has a flip-up design
  • And also has a Vive reality system


  • First, it has a high-resolution LCD screen
  • And second, has upgrade features of Cosmos Elite


  • It has tracking issues sometimes
  • And controllers are a bit heavy

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9. Sony PlayStation Best VR gaming headset

The Sony PlayStation is made with curved plastic and has a single think headband to hold the weight around the head. Its weight is 1.3pounds, which is a bit heavier than the other best VR gaming headsets we mentioned above.

Sony PlayStation VR

And it looks similar to Microsoft HoloLens in design with silver, white, and grey colors combination. It is easy to put on, just put the headset to your eyes and stretch the straps until it fits around the head.

The image quality is fairly good. You have to plug the PlayStation with a USB cable to a PC or PlayStation. And it will provide the best signal-to-noise ratio for enhancing the gaming experience.


  • It is designed to keep the gamer in view
  • And it has PlayStation VR headset connections
  • And has an advanced VR display


  • First, it has an immersive VR experience
  • Second, it works with non-VR apps
  • And third, it has motion control support


  • It does not have PlayStation Camera
  • And also, less powerful than other competitors’ products

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10. DESTEK V5 VR Headset, 110°FOV Anti-Blue Light

The DESTEK VR headset provides the unique ability to remove the front panel and use it for AP apps as well. It also shares a unique design like all other headsets for comfort and provides less pressure on the head.

DESTEK 2021 V5 VR Headset

Like all other mobile VR, remove the front panel and put your mobile inside it, to enjoy the RV experience. But first, start the game and app you want to use, before putting it inside.

And with just a 12.5-ounce weight, it is one of the lightest best VR gaming headsets. Due to proper weight distribution around the head, you won’t feel pressure on the head after long usage.


  • It has maximum phone support
  • It has an anti-leakage silicon pad
  • And has a functional remote controller


  • First, it is AR compatible
  • Second, it has easy focus adjustments
  • And third, comfortable to use


  • It has clamp mechanisms
  • And little light leakage

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Buying Guide:

If you want to buy the best VR gaming headset then you must check the few factors that must exist. Because if you don’t pay attention, you will end up buying the wrong VR gaming headset and lose your amount as well.

1. Design

The design of different best VR gaming headsets varies. The headset should be lightweight and comfortable to wear. It should be easily adjustable around the head and should have weight distribution capability. Otherwise, you will feel pressure on your head after the long usage.

So, try on the headset before buying it for your comfort and maintainability.

2. Controllers

Controllers are the most important part. Because if you are looking for the best VR gaming headset. Then controllers contribute to a good gaming experience. Because it will let you play the games by enjoying virtual reality.

And the good controller will let you play like a professional with a different button option on it. You can use PlayStation 4 controllers with different good gaming experiences. And with a tracking camera, you will not need additional sensors to track down the controller’s mover around you.

If you have pair of good controllers then you can fully enjoy the best VR gaming headset experience.

3. Space

If you are playing a game then you will need space around the room and the headset should track each movement to let you enjoy the game. And cameras on the headset determine the space and tracking efficiency.

For example, the HTC Vive lets you move around the 15 x 15 wide room. And you can easily move around the mood while playing and enjoy the gaming experience.

4. Availability

You will not find your favorite headset exactly the time you want. Some companies provide headsets after specific intervals or in a specific season. So, make sure to order the headset quickly, if you want to start games in the summer.

If you want the best VR gaming headset, then waiting for it is not bad rather than buying low standards headset at a high cost.

5. Upfront Cost

The cost of the best VR gaming headset varies. But you can also not estimate the value for Oculus and Vive which will be coming soon.

And you know that the best VR gaming headset can cost you up to 1000$.


What is the best VR for gaming?

The Oculus Quest 2 is considered the best VR gaming headset if you can afford it. It has maximum tracking capability with good controllers that let you enjoy the game with high image resolution. So, if you have the budget then buy it. If not you can also look for another headset, we mentioned above.

What VR headset should I get?

The headset you want depends upon different factors like gaming VR, mobile VR, or PlayStation. You must know your valuable factors. You can read our guide to buy the best VR headset. Then you will be able to choose the best VR gaming or other headsets.

What is the most bought VR headset?

The Samsung Gear VR was the most selling best VR gaming headset of 2017, but the statics is unknown still. But if you want to look for other VR gaming headsets. Then we have a list of the 10 best VR gaming headsets with small details. Which can help you to choose the gaming headset for you.

Is VR bad for your eyes?

If you are using the VR headset for long period then it will cause severe head or eye strain. So, don’t use VR for a long period to avoid serious health issues. The VR headsets are not designed for long usage still. A lot of improvement is needed to make it more comfortable and user-friendly.

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