Best Laptop Cooling Pad in 2023


The best laptop cooling pad can make your life easier if you have a laptop and you have to carry it with you all the time. Now in technology evolving time, everyone tries to put their best while producing products which can handle more load. But while doing their approach to handle the load, they are forgetting about heating problems.

Nowadays, laptops becoming more compact for a user but on the other hand, they are also increasing the load on them. Such as Ultrabook’s and gaming laptops have good and complicated hardware and with that managing their heat problem is difficult.  Because an increase in heating will affect the overall performance of your laptop.

You may think that your laptop does not produce heat, then increase your load and do some heavy tasks on it, after some time you will see that your laptop now starts heating. Now you can think about the best laptop cooling pad, which can help you to cool your laptop from heating produces by the systems in laptops. But if we can think about a solution to cool down the laptop then we can increase its life and performance as well.


How can the laptop cooling pad help you?

The best laptop cooling pad will have cooling fans with upward direction, which will help you to maintain the temperature of your CPU and GPU as well, and the overall performance of your laptop will also increase. Because if laptop continues to work in high temperature then its life and performance will affect. So, if your laptop produces heat while performing heavy tasks then it’s a time that you should buy the best laptop cooling pad for you.

You will find different types of laptop cooling pads, with various mechanisms. Some have one big cooling fan and others have small fans with a big fan in the center. The big fan with small fans at the sides can help you a lot in cooling your laptops.

Your laptop has vents for cooling purposes while using it try to put a laptop on a table or book, which will allow the vents on the bottom surface to work properly and avoid overheating. And if you use the best laptop cooling pad, then the effect can be doubled. And if you have these vents on sides then, it can also be used full. Then to keep yourself tension-free from all these heating problems then buy the best laptop cooling pad for yourself at a reasonable price.

Different types of laptop cooling pads but what you should buy?

Here we will provide you best laptop cooling pads with a review, then you can decide that what laptop cooling pad will be suitable for your work type

List of 12 Best Laptop Cooling Pad

LIANGSTAR Gaming Laptop Cooling PadLIANGSTAR
IPOW 12-Mode Rgb Laptop Cooling PadIPOW
SHUNION Portable Laptop Cooling Pad Stand With 7 AngleSHUNION
IVSO Laptop Cooling PadIVSO
LIANGSTAR Laptop Cooling Pad With 6 FansLIANGSTAR
AICHESON S035RED Laptop Cooling Pad for NotebookAICHESON
TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling PadTopMate
HAVIT RGB Laptop Cooling PadHAVIT
KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling PadKLIM
TopMate C5 Gaming Laptop Cooling PadTopMate
Klim Ultimate + Rgb Laptop Cooling PadKLIM
Thermaltake Massive 20 Rgb Laptop Cooling PadThermaltake

1. LIANGSTAR Gaming Cooling Pad

When you look at this laptop cooling pad, at first this does not look that cool. But when you come to its functionality and working capabilities you will get surprised. Because it can help your gaming laptop to get heat up and produce a cooling effect.

It has four fans with a length of 140mm, which can easily blow the hot hair produce by the laptop into the surroundings and protect your laptop. And it can work rapidly to stop overheating and prevent damage by creating a cooling effect.

Lingster Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 4 fans

This laptop cooler comes with built-in USB ports, which can also act as extension ports for laptops. And you can store these USB leads under the cooling pad. And it also comes with two plastic feet, which can uplift the pad ad increase airflow, and also reduce strain pressure on the spine.

Its surface is coated with iron mesh material which can resist heat and conduct heat to remove it from the surface. It can support all types of laptop ranges from 12” to 17.3” notebooks as well. And it is very easy to use and provides you comfortable, and also highly portable.

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2. IPOW 12-Mode RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

It has a powerful cooling effect because of its six high-speed fans that run at the speed of 2900 RPM. Due to which it can create an aerodynamic airglow effect, which can help in fast heat dissipation and produce a cooling effect. And its body is coated with iron mesh which can resist the heat that means it gets the heat and through it out to produce a cooling effect.

If you are a lover of RGB lights, then you would fall for this best laptop cooling pad because it had RGA lights in all colors. And You can set the colors according to your preference. More you can change colors through a button and this can be a very handful in dark or dim light.

IPOW 12-Mode RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

You can manually set the colors and speed of fans through its built-in control panel. Because of the control panel, you can effortlessly change the LED color, fan speed, and also the number of fans you want to turn on. And you can also adjust its height, according to your comfort.

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3. SHUNION Cooling Pad With 7 Angle

This laptop cooling pad is specially designed to cool down the heated laptop. Because if laptop becomes overheated it can cause serious damage which can cost you high. And this cooling pad has 6 fans with a speed of 2900 RPM. It also has a height-adjustable stand to maintain the height level. And more it has 2 USB ports which can act as an extension to the laptop.

The RGB light can create amazing effects in dim light and can make it you to but for yourself, if you are an RGB lover. And it has 12 modes of light effect and you can adjust the mood you like, such as blinking, static, streaming, and pulsing as well. You can adjust the mood with a manual button.

SHUNION Cooling Pad With 7 Angle

Like all other best laptop cooler, it also has a speed adjustable button according to your needs and also allows you to run few fans as well. It has some more features as well, first, it has 2 USB ports for usability, second LCD screen display for good user experience, third a control panel for settings, and fourth a height-adjustable foot according to requirement.

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4. IVSO Laptop Cooling Pad

IVSO laptop cooling pad will help you to reduce the heating emitting from laptop processing. It has 6 quiet and high-speed cooling fans, which can help you work both during day and night time as well.

When you look at its design, it is very easy to use and portable, it has a stand-like structure which looks like it is specially designed for laptops. You can adjust its height by replacing or changing the metal stand behind it. And it is highly compatible with laptops or notebooks starting from 17inch such as MacBook, HP, and Dell as well.

IVSO Laptop Cooling Pad

It has multiple features, first 2 USB ports which can be very helpful for gaming computer to provide more power, second height adjustable features, third 6 big fans and fourth it comes with lifetime free technical support and 12  months warranty as well.

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5. LIANGSTAR Cooling Pad With 6 Fans

Like all other best laptop cooling pads, this best laptop cooler has 6 big and quiet fans which produce no noise while you are working and also help you to main laptop temperature. The best thing about this laptop cooling pad is that it shows you how the fan is working with blue LED light. This can be proved very handy in dim lights.


All six fans can work at a single time to reduce more heating and prevent any serious damage from over-heating. You also adjust the speed of all fans and the number of fans turns on at the same time. That’s why its user friendly to provide you best experience. And one more comfortable thing you can adjust the height as well.

It has multiple features:

  • First 6 big fans with high speed
  • Second 2 USB port as an extension for the laptop
  • The third blue LED light which cool
  • Fourth it is highly affordable
  • And fifth suitable for laptop ranges from 12” to 17.3” laptop and notebooks as well

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6. AICHESON S035RED Cooling Pad for Notebook

When you look at this laptop cooler which can through out the heating from your laptop and helps you to maintain the temperature of your laptop to increase its performance. It is designed for laptops ranges from 12” to 17.3” laptops such as DELL, SONY, MACBOOK, and HP as well.

The upper surface of the cooling pad is making with iron mesh and the other sides are of plastic to make it cost-effective and available for everyone. When you use the best laptop cooling pad, it can help you to reduce heat and make it comfortable for you to work on a heavy task without worrying about the heating problem.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad for 17.3_ Notebook, Red 5 Fans (1)

It has a lot of features which make its use to buy it for themselves. It has 1 big fan in the center with 4 small fans in its surrounding. Here are some features, first 5 fans for fast cooling, second 2 USB ports just like all other best laptop cooler, third a red LED for an impressive view, fourth 4 different height modes and also angle adjustable from 7.5 to 21.5 deg.  And the rotating mechanism can help to reduce strain on your neck.

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7. TOPMATE C11 Cooling Pad

You will get amazed when you know that this best laptop cooling pad total of 7 fans with 2 big fans and 5 small fans, which can efficiently remove the heating and produce a cooling effect in just a few minutes. And can save you from heat and increase its performance. These fans do not produce noise like cheap laptop cooling pads which can help you to focus on your work. And when you provide high voltage its fans’ speed can be stronger.

The feature I like is the RGB color modes, it has 7 RGB color effects which can look amazing in dim lights. You can choose any mood which you like with a manual button and enjoy your computing or gaming in dim light.

TopMate C11 Laptop Cooling Pad

Now let discuss its some feature for review purpose, first 7 big fans with no noise, second 7 RGB color modes for dim light, third 2 USB ports for different power supply, fourth highly compatible for a wide range of laptops, fifth different height-adjustable modes and sixth a strong body structure as well. And the best feature it has that it also can hold a mobile device.

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8. HAVIT RGB Cooling Pad

It has several RGB light modes such as red, green, blue, single coloring, and multicolored flowing features as well. All these modes can be changed with a manual button. You can turn on and off the light, the way you like. This best laptop cooling pad had four fans with high speed which prevents the overheating of your laptop and boosts your laptop performance.

The HAVIT RGB Cooling Pad is specially designed for gaming laptops because they consume high power and also produce more heat as well. And due to its high compatibility, you can use any laptop ranges from 15.6 to 17.3 laptops.

Havit RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Now I will explain some amazing features of this best laptop cooling pad. The first four big fans with zero noise, the second highly compatible, the third 7 modes of RGB lights, the fourth different four high adjustable modes, and lightweight as well.

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9. KLIM Wind Cooling Pad

We have explained the many best laptop cooling pads now it’s time to add another one to our list. If you buy the best laptop cooling pad it can be a good addition to your accessories.

Because it has four big fans with a speed of 1400 protestations per second that can effectively help in reducing laptop heat and enhance your performance.  And you will find good design and material which you will not find in any other best laptop cooler we describe above.

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad

This laptop cooler also has some similar features to other laptop cooling pads. The first 2 USB ports, second-best material quality and has more effective results than any other.

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10. TOPMATE C5 Gaming Cooling Pad

This best laptop cooling pad is design for notebooks especially to reduce heating and boost up its performance. It has one pewful big fan in the center with four fans in its surrounding, when they all are working, they can effortlessly remove the heating from a laptop.

With striking blue LED light, you will get an excellent view in dark and dim. Because of different height adjustments, you can adjust the height according to your comfort to reduce strain on your neck. It also provides you the option to open the flips to prevent the laptop from sliding from the laptop cooler pad.

TopMate C5 10-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad

You will also get manual access to control the speed of the fan and the number of fans as well. And you can also do other settings from a small control panel. Like all other laptop coolers, if you buy this one, you will not get such a good deal at such a low price. So don’t wait to click the button below to buy it from the Amazon store.

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11. KLIM Ultimate Cooling Pad

If you have a budget then you should go for this best laptop cooler. Because of the design, sparkling RGB lights, and best cooling system. You will not find the best laptop cooler with this price and quality.

It has only one big fan with 20mm long and powerful with the speed of 750 RPM that will generate immense airflow to reduce the heating effects within a few seconds. And also, it is a noise-free cooling pad. You will get 7 modes of RGB lights and you can choose the mood which you like through a manual button or from the control panel.

KLIM Ultimate + RGB Laptop Cooling Pad

Let talk about its features, because the thin KILM cooling pad is from the ultimate version. That’s why you will not find any risk about quality and its lifetime. It has few features, first one big fan with high speed and no noise, second RGB lights with 7 different modes and also compatible with types of laptops and notebooks.

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12. THERMALTAKE Massive 20 RGB Cooling Pad

When you look at this best laptop cooling pad, you will see it look straight and has glowing LED lights which can look amazing in dark. It can efficiently reduce the heat and increase your laptop performance to help you in working on heavy tasks. Due to its large 200mm fast fan.

You have three different height modes, and you can choose what suits you best. You can control speed and RGB colors through a small control panel. And it is specially designed for 9 inches gaming laptops.

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

A good laptop cooling pad can help you a lot. Such as if you buy and invest in a good laptop and because of its heating problem, you are not able to get more work as your expectations. Then because of the best cooling pad, you can easily work for a house without thinking about heat problems. It will also boost your performance and reduce the time for a single task.

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Do cooling pads for laptops work?

Yes, the best laptop cooling pads work for a laptop that produces heat and because of heart problems, laptop performance goes down. These pads produce cooling effects through their fans, that through of the heat produce by laptop and help in cooling the laptops.

How can I prevent my laptop from overheating?

To prevent the laptop from overheating, first, find out the reason behind it. One reason can be, that your laptop cooling fan not working. Second, you are using a laptop for a long time and due to overuse, your laptop is getting heat up. For this heating solution, you should buy a good laptop cooling pad. These laptop cooling pads are specially designed for the problem of overheating.

Which Laptop Cooling Pad is the best?

You buy any best laptop cooling pad. Such as KILM ultimate laptop cooling pad can be your excellent option if you are ready to spend cash. There are also some economic best laptop cooling pads. You can choose from the list we mentioned above.

How do I choose a laptop cooling pad?

All laptop cooling pads are designed to reduce heating and increase performance. Then you can buy any best laptop cooling pads in the market. You have many options to choose from. If you want a good-looking laptop cooling pad, then the RGB effect will attract you.

How can I keep my laptop cool without a cooling pad?

Always put your laptop on a flat and straight surface
Clean your vents to prevent air blocking
Check the temperature, if high then shut down your laptop for a short time to cool.
You can sit in front of the AC or cooling area.

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