Best Smartwatch In 2023


The best smartwatch is the one that has a responsive digital view, long battery life, monitors your health, counts your steps, helps you to remember things, also helps to manage phone calls and guide you through the day. And most important it should be affordable as well. Because its cost gets too high, then it will be out of reach. And can be just a waste of money for few ones as well.

Now the best smartwatch not only monitor your schedule, inform you about upcoming meeting and calls but also monitor your health as well. These smartwatches can read your heart rate and will build a graph to show you after. In that way, you can show those reports to your doctors as well. If your heartbeat suddenly goes out then it will connect you to the health service right away, so that you can be taken care, and prevent life loss accidents.

In this article, we are going to tell review the list of 12 best smartwatches with few amazing features. We will also discuss some pros and cons, which will help you decide to pick the best smartwatch for yourself. So, keep reading to get information about the best smartwatches that will trend in 2021.

Why buy the best smartwatch over other watches?

After reading some interesting features about a smartwatch, now you will be thinking, you must buy one. But these are only a few features, I will tell you why you should buy the best smartwatch.

If you are a person, who doesn’t remember the small daily tasks, like drinking water, take a break during work, and worst can you forget the most important meeting then this smartwatch is for you. Because it will remember you to drink water, take a 5min break and start again, and inform you about you coming meeting as well. This way your life will be heaven, I think.

Most importantly, if you have some health issue and you have to monitor your heartbeat pulse rate on a daily routine, so that will help you to keep going. So buy the best smartwatch for yourself because smartwatch will monitor your heart beast, steps you take, impulse as well and keep you inform all the time. Now you can walk without working about instant irregular heart rate.

So buy the best smartwatch to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

List of 12 Best Smartwatch in 2021:

Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm)AppleFitness tracker and voice assistant
Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm) – Blue AluminumAppleS6 Sip is 20% faster than S5
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 SmartwatchSAMSUNGGPS and Bluetooth
Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with GPSFitbitComfortable and lightweight
SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth) SmartwatchSAMSUNGPremium design
Zepp E Circle Smart Watch Health and Fitness TackerZeppLong battery life
Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO SmartwatchMichael KorsA lot of fitness features
Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen SmartwatchFossilMagnetic USB charger
Amazfit GTR 2 SmartwatchAmazfitLong battery life of 14 days
Apple Watch Series 3APPLEInternal storage of 8GB
Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with TouchscreenGarminCompatible with many apps
Garmin Vivoactive 4, GPS SmartwatchGarminIncident detection feature

1. Apple Smartwatch SE (GPS, 40mm)

This Apple smartwatch with amazing and brilliant features will amaze you. But this will be your best option if you have an iPhone because it will not connect with your Android phones. Keep reading we will also talk about the best smartwatches that will be compatible with your mobiles.

But in case you have iPhone then buy this Apple smartwatch which can do everything that the best smart can do. And also, at a lower price than other smartwatches provided by Apple. It can support heart Rate, fitness tracker, elevation tracker, and voice assistant as well with a mobile application.

New Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

With these amazing features, you can track your daily life routine and get information in your mobiles on daily basis. It will maintain your data and also help you improve your health. And with the waterproof capability, you can wear it during swimming as well.


  • First, it has a fitness tracker and voice assistant as well.
  • Second, it has a GPS tracker
  • Third, it helps you take phone calls as well
  • And fourth, it is waterproof


  • It is only iPhone supported.

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2.  Apple Smartwatch Series 6 (GPS, 40mm)

Everyone knows that Apple never compromises its use security and quality of its product. This is one of the best smartwatches in the market, but it does not fall to the first position because it is too expensive. You can buy this best smartwatch if you are willing to continue with the iPhone series because this smartwatch is only compatible with iPhone apps.

It works excellent with iPhones and will give you the best experience. It has a lot features that can make your life easier. First, it has a GPS tracker, that will help you to receive and make as well, without your mobile assistance. You can attend the call through the Apple smartwatch. Second, it will also measure your oxygen level with all the updated sensor technology.

New Apple Watch SE (GPS, 40mm) - Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band

Third, the most fantastic feature is that it can check heart beast’s rhythm with ECG App. Fourth with a big dial screen and awesome LED display you can easily use it outdoor. Fifth you can also measure your workout like yoga, walking, running, dance and cycling as well.


  • First, it can connect to Wi-Fi as well, to run the music and audiobooks
  • Second, S6 Sip is 20% faster than S5.
  • And Third, it is waterproof until 50meters in depth.


  • This apple best smartwatch is only compatible with iPhones.

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3. SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch Active 2 Smartwatch

The Samsung add all the best features to this slimmer, lighter, and more comfortable to this Galaxy watch Active 3 smartwatch than its previous version. This version was released after few months after its first release with advanced features such as a Bezel and LTE version. Although, it is quite similar to the first version it still a quality best smartwatch at a reasonable price.

You can schedule your fitness schedule with built-in pace coaching in the smartwatch. And advanced sensors help you to achieve your goals and make you healthier. Due to its comfortable sleek body, you can wear it everywhere because it is light enough to wear for hours.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

You can also keep track of your heart health with a heartbeat checking sensor and they will also generate alerts if it goes out of bounds. This best smartwatch is available comes in different materials, colors, and designs as well. You can buy, what attracts you. And it will also monitor your day and night routine, with a mobile app that will keep you updated about taking a good sleep time.


  • First, it has GPS and Bluetooth.
  • Second, it has a sleep monitor, GPS, Phone, and heart rate monitor.
  • And third, it has 2-day battery life.


  • Privacy upgraded
  • They still use few third-party apps.

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4. Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch with GPS

The Fitbit Versa is the best smartwatch for fitness and health. With lightweight and comfortable much that you can easily wear it all day. If you don’t want Samsung and Apple beat smartwatches then this Fitbit smartwatch could be your best choice.

It has more advanced features from Fitbit 2, as it has a little big screen with a bright screen display. This Fitbit Versa series are specially built for the fitness purpose and these best smartwatches are considered best fitness and health smartwatches in the market.

Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch

It also has features of advanced monitoring and stress management to help you in daily life. And with built-in GPS and a 1.58-inch AMOLED display, it is one of the expensive watches. It has a long battery life of 6 days with a dim light display, and that can be half if you set the screen to always on.


  • First, it has a beautiful display
  • Second, with GPS tracker, it is your fitness tracker as well
  • And third, it is comfortable and lightweight


  • The side button is poorly design
  • And you will need a Fitbit premium account, to access advanced features

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5. SAMSUNG Galaxy 3 Smartwatch

The Samsung is sticking to the traditional round shapes smartwatches, sometimes it is good to be old as well. With beautiful design, rotatable raised bezel through with you can navigate through the on-screen menus. And when you click on the screen, the click-click sound is satisfying.

It has new improved features of fitness, which will enable you to track your activity while exercising. And it also has good long battery life. If you want the best smartwatch for android mobiles that this is your best option. And compatibility with iPhones can beat the Apple smartwatch in design if you get bored of that square design of the Apple series.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth)

With an amazing design, you can wear it in your daily routine. And with a lightweight, slimmer, and comfortable design it will not bother you at all. You can get more out of this best smartwatch with the Samsung health monitoring app. With stress monitoring features it will allow you to sleep well at night.


  • First, it has a premium design.
  • Second, it has a strong fitness tracker.
  • And third rotating bezel is also used full.


  • It has 3 days battery life; it could be better.
  • And much expensive.

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6. Zepp E Circle Smartwatch Health and Fitness Tacker

The look of Zepp E is excellent, and with much lightweight, you will forget that you are wearing a smartwatch. This lightweight feature makes it to best smartwatches. And that makes it suitable for exercising and while sleeping as well.

This is considered of the best smartwatches for fitness and health. Because of its mobile app, it will give you in-depth information about your health which will help you in improving your health and make you fit. With a heart beast monitoring system, it will continuously monitor your health.

Zepp E Circle Smart Watch Health and Fitness Tacker

It can monitor your blood oxygen level at various altitudes or while you exercising.  And it also has sleep monitoring sensors that will record your movements while you sleep and give you detail information about your sleep. The most amazing feature is that its battery life is up to 7 days, which means you are free of daily charge duty.

You can both manually and through the mobile app, can set it according to your convenience.


  • First, it has a beautiful and appealing design
  • Second, it has long battery life.
  • And third, it comes with in-depth fitness modes.


  • It will cost you high.
  • It does not have a night mood
  • And notification access is limited.

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7. Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO Smartwatch

This beautiful and best smartwatch is with Wear OS by Google. And that’s why it is compatible with both iPhone and Android as well. Which makes it a highly compatible smartwatch as compare to all others. With advanced features of heart rate, you can keep track of your heart beast during exercising or even in normal situations.

And if you want to keep track of yourself all day, then it also has Activity Tracking sensors and you can monitor it using google Fit. Additional to Tracking Activity, it also has GPS Tracker. It has a swim-proof design with 3ATM. And if a product is from google then it will have voice assistance. Which means you have the whole Google in your smartwatch.

Michael Kors Access Gen 4 MKGO

It has a battery life of one day and if you use it at low power that it can go for two days. And It has a lot of different features, such as notification alerts of the app, manages your calendar, can listen to music as well, and also customize your watch faces among various designs. It also a built-in microphone, fitness tracker, music storage, and much more.


  • First it compatible with both Android and iPhones.
  • Second, it has a lot of fitness features
  • And third, it is lightweight.


  • It does not have a speaker
  • And it has limited storage space.

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8. Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel

This beautiful Fossil gen is the best smartwatch for men. It has Wear OS by Google, which enables the best smartwatch to be compatible with both iPhone and Android as well.

It has a battery life of one day, which means you have to charge it daily. And it also provides you facility of various screen modes and can choose what you think is best for you. You can also install different updates to add more features to your smartwatch.

It has USB magnetic charges which will allow moving the watch at 360o for easy-to-use proposed. And with those features it is very easy to change the smart device, you just have to put it down and it will start charging. And can charge up to 80% just in 1 hour.

Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel

It has many fitness and health features, such as Activity Tracking: with a GPS system to measure the walking stance of track your location, and also a heart rate monitor to keep you informed about your heart health. Also, you have thousands of different types of screen view and hundreds of apps from fitness to assistance.


  • It has a magnetic USB charger.
  • Second, it is lightweight and waterproof as well.


  • It has short battery life.

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9.  Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch

The beautifully 3D craved design with large display Of HD AMOLED screen of 1.39inch. Which produce a wider content display area and the best visual aesthetic. And due to its fantastic design and features, it is one of the best Android smartwatches. It has a 3D glass design, which adds to its beauty.

The Huami developed bio tracker 2, which can easily track your location and help you in your fitness training. And GTR 2, can provide a heartbeat rate for monitoring your health. It also has blood oxygen saturation measurements; this will help you to maintain oxygen level during exercise and also in normal situations.

Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch with 3GB

And you can keep track of all these activities through a single app in your mobile phones. And this way you can stay updated on daily activities. You can also play your favorite music through Bluetooth connectivity and can also transfer these songs to your smartwatch. Because it has an internal storage of 3GB.

You can change the display of your smartwatch as well; you have different 90 modes to select. And it is waterproof up to a depth of 50 meters.


  • First, it has 3GB of internal storage.
  • Second, it has a long battery life of 14 days.
  • And third, it has 6 different sports modes as well.


  • It is a little expensive.

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10. Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm)

If you are looking for the best smartwatch for women then this beautiful smartwatch can be your best option. It has a small and compact design which good screen display. It has many features that can make your life easier. And it is available in two different colors.

It has the best fitness tracker which will track your activities while you walk, run, exercise. Ans even sleeping, and provide you with depth data in your mobile app. Because this product is from Apple, that’s why it is only compatible with iPhones, so if are willing to spend money on this best smartwatch then go for it.

It also has sleep monitoring sensors, which will measure your activities during sleep, and will update you about either you sleep well or not. And with a GPS tracker, you can also find your location.

Apple Watch Series 3

The Heartbeat monitor can prove to be a very good feature if you have some heart issues because it will continuously update you about it and give details of your daily routine through your mobile app. And it has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for high compatibility.


  • First, it has an internal storage of 8GB
  • Second, it has a battery life of 18 hours.
  • And third, it has a fitness tracker.


  • It is only compatible with iPhones.

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11. Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen

The beautiful and stylish best smartwatches for women. With a unique style and decorative lens, it will blend with your outfit. And bright touch screen adds to its beauty. You have a lot of options to buy the best smartwatches among categories of sport and classic design with a variety of colors. You can between leather and silicones. That way you can select the best design for yourself.

It has a lot of features such as an oxygen monitoring system, hydration, sleep, all-day stress, pregnancy, and heart beast taker as well. All these features can be very helpful if you use them perfectly. And you can also get in-depth information about these sensors in a mobile app.

Garmin Lily, Small GPS Smartwatch with Touchscreen

You can also connect a number of apps with this best smartwatch to get the most out of it. Such as Pilates, mindfulness breathing, Tracks Yoga, and many others sports apps that are compatible with the watch. And with a GPS system, you can track down your location as well.  You can also keep a record of your whole day such as the number of steps you walk, calories you burn, and when you were running.

You have all these features in just one best android smartwatch, then what are you waiting for? Go and buy the best smartwatch for your friends and family.


  • First, it is compatible with many apps.
  • Second, it has many sensors technologies.
  • And third, it has a battery life of up to 5 days.


  • It can be a little costly for you.

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12. Garmin Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch

The black and beautiful Garmin Vasoactive is the best smartwatch for men if you have a budget. Because it has many features that can make your life easier. It is lightweight and comfortable as well; you can easily wear it in your daily routines.

And the oxygen in blood monitoring, stress, respiration, and many more technologies are available. You can download the songs to your smartwatch, can also hear the playlist from Amazon Music or Spotify and you will need a premium subscription for that. This way you can connect your headphones to the smartwatch and enjoy the music with mobile phone assistance.

Garmin Vivoactive 4, GPS Smartwatch

You can change your smartwatch screen display from thousand of free watch designs, this way you will not get bored viewing the same screen display again and again. It has a battery life of up to 8 days, which is quite long, you don’t have to change it on daily basis.


  • First, it has multiple features, which can help you in daily life.
  • Second, it has a safety and incident detection feature which can send your location to the contact.
  • And third, it has a battery life of 8 days


  • It does not have Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Buying Guide for a Best Smartwatch

1) Can your smartwatch connect to your mobile phone?

The most important thing about a smartwatch, it must connect to your mobile phone, so that you can revives messages on your smartwatch. You can also play music through a smartwatch. And excepts these there are hundreds of others things, such as it will update you about your whole day, through a mobile app.

And also make sure either you are buying an android supported or an iPhone supported smartwatches, there is also some smartwatches which can connect to both system at a time.

2) Which types of apps it can connect to?

The best smartwatch has an application, through which they can provide the information it collects, not only display the information but also calculate your overall performances.

A smartwatch without an application is equal to no use, that way it will only display the current data and its history will be erased. That’s why the mobile application is a must for a smartwatch. So, before you buy the best smartwatch, also find about the application, that will be compatible with a smartwatch. Because there are many apps that can connect with your smartwatch to provide information.

3) Whether it is a fitness tracker or a smartwatch?

There are many types of smartwatches are present in the market but two main categories are Statewatch and fitness tracker. Those smartwatches are specially designed for tracking your fitness and a lot of sensors technologies related to that, such as GPS, heartbeat reading, measuring oxygen quantity in blood, count your steps and inform you about daily calories you burn, and many more.

And if it is a simple smartwatch then it can connect to your mobile, and keep you updated about coming phone calls, meeting schedule, apps notifications, track your daily activity and remind you to stay active all day.

4) Do you want cellular connectivity?

You also check about its cellular activities, which means either you can receive or make phone calls through a smartwatch or not. Because it can happen you are going to buy the best smartwatch so that it can help you in maintaining your business through calls but the smartwatch you buy does not support cellular activities. So, make sure that you are buying the best smartwatch for yourself.

5) How long it will be working?

Some peoples pay close attention to the lifetimes of their product. They think it an important factor because a good thing will always stay long and that way it satisfied the person. Because if he buys an expensive product, then he also wants it to live a long life so, that it will return its value.

Most smartwatches can have a long life if you choose the best smartwatches in the world.

6) How much are you willing to spend?

Before looking for a smartwatch, be sure that you have enough money. Because the best smartwatches in the market are of high cost.

7) Go for looks rather than its life

If you are buying are smartwatch then go for its looks and features, not for its life around. Because these smartwatches change their trends quickly. It can happen the smartwatch you bought today, will go out of fashion after 6 months. So, it is always changing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smartwatch?

The best smartwatches in the market are of Apple series because they provide you the best quality of the product. They have more advanced application support and have multiple features that can never let you down. So, Apple is the best smartwatch manufacture right now.

What is the best smartwatch for android?

If you want to buy the best smartwatch for android then you have many options. You are not limited to one specific brand. You can buy the product with Wear OS because it is compatible with both iPhone and Android as well. This could be your best option. But be aware not all smartwatches of Wear OS are best.

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