Best Outdoor Projectors In 2023

Everyone loves to watch movies on a big screen because it will give you the best experience and you will be able to enjoy yourself with your family and friends. And if you want a to with it in your backyard or on the rooftop then you will need the best outdoor projectors, that will give you a cinema-like feeling and experience at home in your comfort zone. Where you can rest in your bed while watching a 1950 old movie. And if you want to enjoy a movie with your family then you can set the best outdoor projector outside in the backyard.

But if you want a night like this then keep reading, we will give you a detailed review of the best outdoor projectors then you can choose that suit you best.

Do you want a permanent setup or not?

An indoor or outdoor projector? it is your choice, what suits you best. If you want permanent setup on outdoor, then you will need a projector which is weatherproof equipment fixed in one place like sound system, projector, video source, and the power gear. And if you don’t want a permanent setup then, you have to set all the things when you want, but that can be tough if you often repeat these steps, so it’s all up to you.

Let suppose you are thinking about an outdoor permanent setup, then you have only a few things to be weatherproof like projector, sound system and that’s it. And if you have a house with sliding doors open to your lawn, then you are in luck. You can set an indoor setup that can be open to outside as well.

But an outdoor system should uninstall before a storm. Otherwise, its screen will be flown with and it will never come back.

And for further instructions, you should consult your local installer who will install it for you with optimization. Now you can view the list of the 6 best outdoor projectors.

List of 6 Best Outdoor Projectors:

NameBrandBest Pros
YABER Y31 Native 1920x 1080P ProjectorYABERcompatible with all devices
ViewSonic 3800 Lumens XGA High Brightness ProjectorViewSonic5 different light modes
BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming ProjectorBenQGood brightness and colors
Optoma HD146X High-Performance ProjectorOptomafast response time
VANKYO Performance V630 NativeVANKYOhigh compatible even has an SD port
BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO ProjectorBenQcinematic color technology


1. YABER Y31 Native HD Projector

One of the best features is that it supports 4K video. It also has an HD resolution to give you the best experience. The YABER Y31 has a built-in 3W dual stereo speaker, which provides grate sound system experience without external speakers.  It also has a silent and updated cooling system with three fans. Due to the usage of advanced samrEco technology, it consumes less voltage, and that increases the life of the projector up to 10M.

YABER Y31 Native 1920x 1080P Projector 7200L Upgrade Full HD Video Projector

The preferred distance is 10ft with a projection size of 50 to 300. It has 2 HDMI ports, AV port, VGA port, and 2 USB ports. And due to its high connectivity, it can easily connect with PC, laptop, android mobiles, iPhones and iPad, a USB stick as well.

This is one of the best outdoor projectors because it is suitable for home entertainment, games, party, and movies. It comes with a 5-year repair warranty.


  • First, it supports HD resolution.
  • Second, it has an incredible sound system
  • Third multiple HDMI, USB, and VGA ports.
  • And the built-in stereo system.


  • It consumes less voltage and has a long life as well
  • It has a silent and great cooling system.
  • Easily portable
  • And compatible with android mobiles, PC, desktops, and all Apple devices


  • It is costly but gives you the best video experience
  • Only support MP4 file from a USB port

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2. ViewSonic 3800 Lumens XGA High Brightness Projector

The ViewSonic 3800 lumens is designed for small business meeting rooms and classrooms. This may not be one of the best outdoor projectors but their performance is excellent in rooms. Because this will provide you the best indoor experience by focusing on each of the videos.

ViewSonic 3800 Lumens XGA High Brightness Projector

And SuperColorTM Technology is used to express the true color of the picture on the projector. Furthermore, it has five different modes, including brightness, photo, presentation, and movie mode. You can choose the mood according to your requirements. And it also has a SuperEco mode of energy saving which can extend its life up to 15,000 hrs.

This ViewSonic has 3800 ANSI lumens with a 22,000:1 high contrast ratio, which enables bright images in environments like a room with high light.

It can automatically switch to SuperEco mode when left ideal for 5min. we mostly see that in meeting rooms and classrooms we left the projector on, but it can turn off after waiting for input for 20 min. you can also display 3D content by connecting 3D Blu-ray with HDMI port directly and devices such as laptops, media players, and tablets.


  • First, it has 5 different light modes.
  • Second, it has an energy-saving mode as well.
  • Third, 38,000 ANSI lumens
  • And fourth has SuperColorTM


  • It has an auto turn off mode
  • It has picture mode, which produces a high color image on a projector.


  • It may be not the best projector for outdoor movies.
  • And not have high connectivity.

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3. BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

This projector is one of the best outdoor projectors with growing popularity, which can accept 4K HDR input and convert it into HD image to show us the clearest image with the best experience. It can support HDR10 and UHD Blu-ray discs. It delivers both SDR and HDR content.

Even at a low price, it will give you the best colors and due to its 3500 lumens, it can easily deliver excellent results in light. It will deliver you the best light that will enable video in bright light as well. And this feature is not that good in other projectors in the market.

BenQ TH685 1080p Gaming Projector

It measures 4 x 12 x 9 inches with a weight of 6.3 pounds. This BenQ TH685 is easy to handle and setup. And it also has a flexible lensed for the position of an image on the screen. At a good distance, you can easily get excellent focus just by changing a little in focus.

It also provides image inputs post, which both are HDMI 2.0b ports and with that, there is also a USB port only to supply power. The BenQ TH685 provides you good image quality in its default setting at this low price.

In SDR content, it will give you a cinema-like feeling with the best color accuracy.


  • First, it has good color.
  • Second, it provides both SDR and HRD content.
  • Third, it can convert 4K to HD content.
  • And fourth it has two HDMI 2.0b ports.


  • It has full HD support
  • It can world at low voltage.
  • And easily portable.


  • First, it cannot read USB data.
  • And second hard to adjust for sharp video or image

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4. Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

This is the least expensive HD best outdoor projector provided by Optoma. It has only one HDMI port and no image shift to adjust the picture on the screen, that why Optoma HD146X is not easy to setup. Because it has 3500 ANSI-lumen brightness, it comes out to be the best outdoor projector for a movie. It has HD resolution like BenQ TH685 and uses a 1920 x 1080x DLP chip and also has a six-panel color wheel. The color wheel has red-green-yellow-cyan-blue-white, which enables this to produce a bright image on a white screen.

It measures 4.3 x 12.4x 9.5 with a weight of 6.2 pounds and making it easy to handle and shifting. Because it has few features, and that why it has one HDML 1.4a port.

Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

And it has a 3.5mm audio port, a USB connector that is only used to supply power to the dongle. That’s why you have to use the external sound system to enjoy the best experience. The Optoma HD146X is not a good choice for gaming but will satisfy the gamers up to some extent. It will give you the best image experience at this low price. These can be your best outdoor projectors.


  • First, it has an HD display
  • Second, it has a single HDMI and USB port
  • And Third fast response time.


  • It will provide you excellent color quality
  • It displays an image, that looks like 3D.
  • And design for bright lite.


  • It has only one USB and HDMI port.
  • Its audio system is not that good, that’s why you have to use an external sound system.
  • Not easy to setup.

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5. VANKYO Performance V630 Native

This VANKYO Performance V630 has a set of the best features that will provide you best movie experience. Its projection resolution is HD and this HD display. It has a 5000:1 contrast ratio and high pixel quality will provide you Sharpe and clear image quality. Your video background will be clear and will have definite colors. And with improved colors and high brightness, it is considered one of the best outdoor projectors.

It has 6500 LUX, which means it has high illuminance, high illuminance means you can achieve high colors with this projector. Because of which it will work great outdoor even in bright light. And that why a project with low illuminance is suitable for indoors only. It has a life span of 50,000 hr.

VANKYO Performance V630 Native

Best outdoors projectors mostly have the best and silent cooling system. And with that help, all internal components will remain at moderate temperature. It has great compatibility with multiple ports such as AV, VGA, HDMI, SD, and USB ports. And this feature comes in handy when it can connect to multiple devices. And I think only a few projectors have SD card supports.

This brilliant projector has a 3-year money-back warranty and maintenance. Because it provides high video quality, you can enjoy films and TV shows with this projector. And that’s why we include this projector in the list of best outdoor projectors.


  • First, it has high video quality
  • Second, it supports HD display
  • Third, high compatible even has an SD port.
  • And fourth it has a great and silent cooling system.


  • It has a 3-year money-back warranty and free maintenance
  • Work excellently in bright light.
  • Compatible with PCs, desktops android, iPhones, and Mac as well.
  • And good screen size


  • Can heat up at full brightness
  • And it has manual control

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6. BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Outdoor Projector

This projector has a 4K display which will show you a clear and sharp image. It has 3000 LUX, which has high brightness and good focus.

BenQ TK850 has a compact and smooth design, and can easily merge with your home interior.  And all ports are available at the same place, which will appear to the view, which makes it easy to use and handle. It measures 13x 38x 26 cm only with smooth edges.

You will find 2 HDMI, which means you can connect two devices at the same time, such as a 4K blue-ray player and Xbox as well. And there is also a USB, audio port, and 12V trigger, which enable the projector to turn on when a live device is connected to it.

BenQ TK850 True 4K HDR-PRO Outdoor Projector

It also has a remote with which you can control the content on a screen, maybe its look is not that good but it has a silvery color with 2 different tones which can help in the dark. This projector can get heat up when used for a long time, so unplug it if you are not using it.

You should keep the projector in your range because before using it, you have to adjust its focus and zooming from the upper side of the projector.

The best thing about this one of the best outdoor projectors is that it has 3000 lumens, which means you can watch movies in moderate light but not in bright light.


  • First, it has 4K resolution for an amazing experience
  • Second, it has cinematic color technology
  • And Third, it has high brightness for outdoor.


  • It has a sport mode
  • So bright and built for outdoor events
  • And has excellent HDR


  • Internal sound system not that good

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Do you want the best outdoor projectors? Then must read these features first

Screen size and brightness:

When buying a projector, you must check the size and its brightness. If you are looking for the best outdoor projector, then choose the projector with high lumens. This projector will produce good color and clear images in ambient light.

And for the widescreen, if you have big meeting rooms and classrooms.

For best output, screen maters:

I know you can project the image, on a clear wall, bedsheet, white paper, but all these are not a good option if you want to get the best experience then you will need a dedicated screen for projection. And before buying be sure about screen ratio, is screen ratio is according to your projector screen ratio.

Trough ratio:

When choosing the projector also think about through ratio, and your needs must be fulfilling for buying a projector.

The sound system in best outdoor projectors:

Some projector has their good audio system, and you will not need a separate audio system for the best audio experience.

Power supply:

Checking the power supply is also a good thing.

All these features can be found in the best outdoor projectors.

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