Best Smart Home Security System In 2023


The internet of things makes it easier for a smart home security system to work more efficiently with all home devices such as door locks, vacuum cleaners, printers, dishwashers, lawnmowers, and even pet feeders can be controlled through a simple mobile or desktop app.

Smart technology brings ease and productivity to the life. You can control the office system of the home through the best smart home security system, which enables you to control it from anywhere in the world. Therefore, in the new era of technology, having the convenience of smart home technology will help you in focusing on other matters in life.

There are various types of best smart home security systems is available in the market with different technology, packages, facilities, and convenience as well. Therefore. You have different choices to choose from. Various companies are providing the best smart home security system.

If you don’t want a complete house security system then you also have the option for individual devices. Then, You can get an experience of the system and the move to advance security option to get more out of it.  And control your home and its various devices through a simple & easy to use mobile app.

10 Best Smart Home Security Systems

1VivintBest Home Security and Automation
2BrinksBest DIY Home Security System
3SimpliSafeBest Home Security System Overall
4ADTBest Home Security System with Pro Installation
5CoveBest Security System for Ease of Use and Installation
6Deep SentinelBest Security System for Artificial Intelligence
7XfinityBest Security System for the Smart Home
8AbodeBest No Monthly Fee Home Security System
9FrontpointBest No Contract Home Security System
10AlderBest Security System for Response Times

1. Vivint – Best Home Security and Automation

Vivint is the best wire-free home security system and can easily be installed by following the instruction. You have multiple device options to choose from. And All these are present in different price ranges. If you look for basic sensors and technology then it will cost you less.

This best smart home security system is compatible with various smart home devices such as google home & Alexa to help you monitor your home smartly. Mostly customer who has this product is home are homeowners. And most of them give good reviews about this product.


  • First, It can understand voice commands and do you work efficiently
  • Second, It used AI technology to monitor the home & secure the system devices
  • and third, It provides with high resolutions cameras for monitoring the home


  • First, It provides free installations
  • Second, It provides the best features for smart home automation
  • Third, It gives a lifetime warranty on devices & sensors
  • and fourth, the devices are well designed and have modern technology


  • The moving of equipment can be costly
  • Sometimes, the cost of devices can be confusing
  • At least three years of the contract is required
  • And the prices of equipment’s are high than others in the market

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2. Brinks – Best DIY Home Security System

One of the best things about Brinks best home security system is that it does not have an installation cost. The company itself provides free installations for the first time. And the system can efficiently work with Alexa & google assistant.

When you signed for Brinks home security system, you have the benefits of free installation, but if you do it by itself then, you have to make multiple calls to the helping center to get guidelines. Once the installation is complete then set a false security alarm to check its effectiveness and configuration settings. All this process will take 35-40min. In addition, it will go smoothly if you follow the instruction as it says in the guidebook.


  • The Brinks can be configuring through google assistance & Alexa
  • Alexa has high compatibility with different devices
  • It provides the different packages for professional monitoring


  • It provides free installation and phone support
  • It has optional professional monitoring packages
  • The app is easy to use
  • It had a 30days refund policy if you don’t like the system


  • It has at least three years of contract service
  • Professional monitoring is expensive sometimes
  • It does not have a preparatory app
  • And also, does not have proprietary google assistant action

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3. SimpliSafe – Best Home Security System Overall

This best smart home security system does not require you to make a long-term contract for customer service and yet provides you with an easy manage & set up a home security system. And it is also a relatively less expensive & affordable system if you want to install a good security system.

SimpliSafe – Best Home Security System Overall

It provides an easy installation process, and it will take only one hour or less to fully install and configure it. If you start with a basic security system then its cost is about $244, and with professional monitoring, it will require $14.99 per month. Meanwhile, You can also monitor the system. And comes with a free SimpliSafe mobile app for monitoring.


  • It has less equipment and monitoring expenses
  • It comes with a high-resolution camera that can detect motion and send alerts
  • All the equipment has high quality and advanced technology
  • If you want to move the system to a new home, then that’s pretty easy


  • It comes with the easiest insulation process & guidebook
  • No long-term contract is needed anymore
  • It provides high security in less price
  • And it is an award-winning security system


  • First, it has limited security features & capabilities
  • Second, it does not have an outdoor camera option for monitoring
  • Third, it can be simple for some homes
  • and fourth, it can be still costly for some customers

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4. ADT – Best Home Security System with Pro Installation

This home security system is considered the best security in the market as it provides professional installation and monitoring for its customers. The ADT is having a solid company reputation when telegraphed is providing alerts for intruders or other issues. This has provided 6milion homes and businesses with the best home security system with professional installation.

Their home security is known as ADT plus with work efficiency and has a voice control system. We get used to voice control systems due to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, because of our smartphones. The user can use the high end-security system through a simple ADT plus app, which is pretty much easy to understand and operate.


  • First, it has always provided professional installation to its customers
  • Second, it provides wired, wireless, and hybrid security according to the requirement
  • Third, it can provoke medical alerts if needed & it also cost you extra payment
  • And fourth it also provides fall down alerts if you are using a smartwatch or other


  • It provides you professional installations and monitoring
  • It has high-quality equipment’s for good security
  • And it provides reliable monitoring from multiple devices


  • The professional installment can be very expensive sometimes
  • It requires a long-term contract with a security company
  • The Customer service is hit-or-miss

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5. Cove – Best Security System for Ease of Use and Installation

The cove is the new company in the race of providing the best smart home security system. And it disrupting the market by providing self-installed system technology. And provide professional monitoring and high security. By installing the Cove we can save the installation cost, which can be very high sometimes.

Cove – Security System for Ease of Use

When you buy the system, it will have multiple devices, you just have to stick it to the wall and precise points. It will take only 20-25min to fully installed the system and the watch is completely working. That’s why is very easy to install with no difficulty. The average customer can install it in a maximum 30min.


  • It provides a professional 24/7 monitoring system
  • It can communicate through text in emergencies
  • And it has a four times faster response rate as compared to other systems in the market


  • It can be integrating with Google’s Assistant & Amazon Alexa
  • No long-term contract is needed anymore
  • You can choose to pay nothing in up-front
  • And it also includes equipment’s battery backups


  • Professional monitoring is required in a package
  • The monthly fee is required
  • The company is relativity new in the market
  • And it does no sell its own smart home equipment’s like others

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6. Deep Sentinel – Best Security System for Artificial Intelligence

This security system implements AI technology for professional monitoring. It can clearly distinguish between an intruder and non-intruder activities which can help maintain smart home security at night or when it is empty. And other cameras can only distinguish between pets, animals, or human beings,

This system can detect suspicious activities such as robbery, burglary, car theft, and vandalism, marking alerts and notification to its owner through a mobile app. And after that, it provides you 24/7 professional monitoring for you with a high-quality best smart home security system. It has a faster response time but is not as good as others.


  • You can easily install the system by watching the installation guide video
  • It has a faster response time and can alert you within 30-the 60s about suspicious activity
  • It provides 24/7 professional monitoring and generates alerts
  • And provide live guard monitoring


  • First, It has implemented live AI technology
  • Second, It provides professional thought out the day from intruders or suspicious activity
  • and third It comes with month-to-month contract service which can be very convenience


  • This system can be pricy for some customers
  • Professional monitoring is expensive
  • No self-monitoring option is available in the package
  • And it does not have any smart platform integration

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7. Xfinity – Best Security System for the Smart Home

You may be thinking that Xfinity is the cable provider, but in recent years, it has become one of the companies which are providing the best smart home security system in the market. Because this company is working with hundreds of IoT devices from lightning blub to a thermostat, garage door openers, Bluetooth trackers, and door locks, that’s why it has a wide range of equipment. 

They have turned off the hue light and security system arm for sustainability. When lights are turned on and off randomly, we feel like we are home. It also has Yale locks that can quickly turn off the lights and also ensure that thermostat goes down few degrees to save energy. All the partnerships of Xfinity with different IoT companies make it a better security system.


  • It has affordable 24/7 professional monitoring with a monthly package
  • Control and view the activities of the security system through a user-friendly mobile app
  • And have hundreds of IoT based devices for home security


  • It can work with Hue, Kwikset, LIFX, August, ecobee, GE and Yale
  • It provides you monthly contract service
  • You can have professional monitoring at a relatively less price
  • And for equipment, the facility of cellular backup is available


  • It does not work with voice assistance
  • You may need professional installation for some devices
  • Professional monitoring is required
  • And have no discount on long term projects

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8. Abode – Best No Monthly Fee Home Security System

If you want a security system without any long-term and any monthly payments then, this is the best smart home security system for you. It is one of the best smart home security systems which allows us free home monitoring because you can monitor the activities of all devices through a simple and user-friendly mobile app.

Abode – Home Security System

The also has long-term and short-term contract options such as you are way for weekend and want professional monitoring for your home at less price. You can buy the equipment’s from Adobe official website because it is not available anywhere other.


  • If provide DIY monitoring service through a simple app for all devices
  • It provides three short term packages from customer service
  • and above all the company is proving advanced Adobe equipment’s for professional monitoring


  • There is no contract-based service
  • You can get all services through a simple platform
  • It is compatible with both Z-wave and Zigbee
  • It provides expensive and advances equipment’s


  • It requires up-front equipment’s purchases
  • There are no cameras for outdoor monitoring
  • It provides limited security in a basic plan
  • Adding new devices or upgrading the system can be costly

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9.  Frontpoint – Best No Contract Home Security System

This DIY home security system is providing its customer with the best smart home security system packages which can be very affordable. It provides total home automation which is not provided by other security systems in the market. This company is providing a self-installed system, then you don’t have to pay for professional installment.

All the equipment comes with environmental protection, home automation, and burglary alarm prevention. You can order through both apps and call through an easy and calm process. The basic system will be available only for $99 and including all wireless equipment. you can easily change your location or move to a new home.


  • It has a very rapid response against any change and can alert the owner about it
  • The basic package has many features with different devices
  • And if you buy a premium package then there is all type of monitoring is available


  • First, it provides full home security and automation facility
  • Second, it can be easily installed by watching a guide video in few minutes
  • Third, it includes all high-quality equipment’s
  • And fourth, it has impressive smart home features


  • It requires you do a long-term contract
  • It can be prone to false alarm sometimes
  • You must have a credit card check
  • And this company is new to the industry

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10. Alder – Best Security System for Response Times

If you want a fast response time for any intruder and suspicious activity this security system is for you. It can respond 10 times faster than any other system we mentioned above. And providing professional monitoring from top-notch. Every Alder security system comes with professional monitoring.

When we test the system, we noticed that its response time is10 times faster than others and it worked differently as well. when some intruder enters the home, each second’s maters, then with fast responses facility, we can be sure of our security. And at the end, you will get alerts through a mobile app.


  • It has 30 days trial period which can be very useful if you are reluctant to use any system
  • You can integrate the system with Amazon Alexa
  • And the complete system can be installed in less than 15 minutes


  • You can quickly install the system in few easy steps
  • The company also provide 30 days trial period for customers
  • And all the system activities can be monitored from a simple mobile app
  • And provide free equipment’s sometimes


  • First, The contract time is a minimum of 3 years
  • Second, The equipment’s price is not listed on the website
  • And third, There are fewer options for devices

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Buying guide for best smart home security system

Before buying smart home security you must look for some features about it, that will help you to find the best smart home security system for you.


The features of a smart home security system matter, because I help you determine the security you will have with the system. Different countries provide different features, such as intruder detection, suspicious activity detector, climate change, temperature changes, professional monitoring, self-monitoring.

All these features should be discussed first, according to the requirements of the home and its structure. Some houses needed outdoor monitoring some don’t need it. It all depends on your choice and decisions.

Type of contracts:

Some companies only allow for long-term contracts, which can be up to 3 years at first, some proper don’t like it because they want monthly basis contracts or others. You have multiple options in deciding the packages.

There are also weekly, three days or monthly base contacts providing by some best companies in the market. Short-term contracts can be very useful when you are going for a trip and want professional monitoring of your home. So, you can enjoy the trip without worry.

Basic & Premium packages

Companies provide both basic and premium packages with an advanced and basic security system. In premium packages, the customer will have more features such as 24/7 monitoring, intruder detection, and outdoor monitoring. So, make sure to look at the features including in the package you are taking.

Equipment’s design and range

Equipment maters in the smart home security system. It includes security cameras, sensors, locks, alarms, and many more. Some companies only have less equipment. But some companies make contracts with big companies to have hundreds of devices in their security system.

The more devices are including the more security can be implemented such as security alarms, smart locks, simple lights, and others well.

System prices:

The security system can be very costly if you want to implement a complete house security system. It will include various cameras, outdoor monitoring, smart locks, and other equipment. These security devices are costly and at the first time, those can cost you up to $500.

And if you want to update the system or to move it to a new home, then there will be a high cost for that as well

Portable or Non-portable

The best smart home security system is both portable and no portable. Some company is providing self-installed devices, you just have to unpack the device and stick it to walls at different positions for monitoring. Such systems are portables because can easily transfer from one home to another.

And the other side, such systems also exist that need professional installments, and it is costly, some time professional installments have cost up to $300. So be careful full, if you are on rent then you should buy a portable best smart home security system.


1.  What is the best self-installed home security system?

The security system provided by cove is considered as best smart home security system, which can be self-installed, it will take roughly only 25min to fully installed and configure the system. And do a test to check its functionality is working or not. So, go for Cove first if your budget.

2.  Best Home Security Systems of 2021

We have provides the list of 10 best smart home security system in 2021 with details, you can review to decide that which security system is best for your home. You will be able to decide the best system for your home.

3.  Who is better ADT or Vivint?

Both ADT and Vivint are considered as best smart home security systems, ADT will give you more features at less price, and Vivint will be costly for you. Because both deliver the best security to the home, with few different security features and price ranges.

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