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The measuring tape is used to measure distance and to calculate areas. You will see a measuring tape in the toolbox of engineers, electricians, carpenters, roofers, and plumbers as well.  But with advancement in technology, tools also took advancement. Now instead of measuring tape, you have laser tape measure which is more advanced and let you measure not only distance but also area, volume, and many more.

If you have a laser tape measure then, you will not need that old basic measuring tape anymore. Different types of laser tape measure with different specifications and you can get the one which is according to your work. With the help of this advanced measuring tape, you can measure up to 300ft accurately. But if you want to measure longer range then use advanced technology or also basic old methods.

How to use a laser tape measure

Using laser tape measure is very easy to use. When you want to measure some distance than through the laser from start to end. The end should be some objects at which the laser can fall, to calculate distance. If you don’t have an object at the end, then put it in some small box.

The process of measuring the distance with a laser tape measure is similar to measuring with basic tape and the only difference is laser technology. Measuring the distance with this device is faster and more convenient than the basic one. You just have to on the device and through the beams and you will have a result with the seconds. And because of digital display, you can easily understand the distance instead of counting the small lines on measuring tape.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and order a laser tap measure

If you want to buy the best laser tape measure in the market. Then keep reading we will explain the 10 best laser tape measures available on Amazon with some specifications as well.

List of 10 Best Laser Tape Measure:

DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape MeasureDTAPEHigh accuracy
BOSCH Blaze Pro 165′ GLM165-40BOSCHIt is durable
TACKLIFE HD60 Classic Laser Tape Measure 196FtTACKLIFEMultiple measuring modes
Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance MeasureLeica GeosystemsCompatible with Leica app
LOMVUM 393Ft Laser Tape MeasureLOMVUMNoise-free
BOSCH Blaze GLM 50 CBOSCHBluetooth connectivity
Mileseey 328 Feet Digital Laser Distance MeterRockSeedHigh precision with two bubble technology
SKIL 65ft. Compact Laser Distance MeasurerSKILWheel to measure the distance of irregular surfaces
DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1DTAPEIt has rechargeable batteries
BOSCH Professional Bosch GLM 30BOSCHAccording to IOS standard

1. DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure

This laser tape can measure distance accurately up to  1/16 inch and the longest distance is up to 328 feet. You can easily change the batteries in dark because of the large backlight screen. And you also have the control to change the voice of the beam while it is on. That’s why noise-free this is one of the best laser tape measures because you can use it in classrooms, library and other quiet places.

DTAPE 328 Feet Digital Laser Tape Measure

You can measure area, length, volume, distance, and continuous height as well. One more good point is that you can save data of up to 20 groups for later requirements. And it will turn off automatically after 150min of no activity.

Recently its material changes to IP54, which makes it waterproof, and it’s already dustproof as well.


  • First, High accuracy
  • Second, Long life with batteries
  • And third waterproof and dustproof


  • It does not provide Bluetooth connectivity.

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2. BOSCH Blaze Pro 165′ GLM165-40

This BOSCH Pro laser tape measures the distance with accuracy to gives you the best results. Its extreme accuracy is 1/16 inch and measures distance up to 165ft. and it is specially designed for professionals.

This laser distance measure is very easy to use, you have just one button, which is used, and to stop measuring. This device is compact so that it can fit into a small side pocket. Due to its screen colors, you can easily read the measurements even in dark.

Bosch Blaze Pro 165 Laser Distance Measure

You have some additional features like the measurement you are taking that can adjust itself when you move towards the goal or backward as well. It also has small internal storage where you can save up to 10 measurements. Because of the built-in square function, you can easily find the square footage by pushing the button.

And also had addition and subtraction properties as well. You can also calculate area and volume as well.


  • First, it is durable
  • Second, can survive in bad weather.
  • And third, high accuracy


  • It does not support any mobile app

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3. TACKLIFE HD60 Classic Laser Tape Measure

This is considered the best laser distance measure because of its some good feature. It comes with AA batteries. All other laser tape measures come with one bubble so that everyone can afford it, but this device comes with 2 bubbles for maximum accuracy and professional workers. So that it will give the best user experience.

It has an accuracy of 1.16 inch and the measuring distance is 195 feet. And you can also change units for your convenience through the U button. It also has the function of area, volume, Pythagorean, and continuous measurements, you can find out these just using button.

Tacklife HD60 Classic Laser Measure

Due to waterproof and dustproof, it is highly durable and can be used in intense conditions of construction. But keep in mind it cannot measure through rain and heavy dust. Due to its good feature, it is highly suitable for large areas such as rooms, offices, apartments, and homes as well.


  • First, it has two bubbles for high accuracy.
  • Second, multiple measuring modes
  • Third, highly durable
  • And fourth, you have three different measuring units.


  • It does not have internal storage

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4. Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure

The most amazing feature of this laser tape measure is that it has a Bluetooth connection which allows you to share data from one device to another device. This feature can be very helpful when doing some long tasks of measuring.

It is very lightweight and has thick rubber to protect it from intense weather and for long life. Also has AAA batteries for long usage. Because of the excellent LED display, you can easily read the number even in dark. This device is compatible with the Leica app (Apple and Android), you can do some Floor plans and other measurements plans.

Leica DISTO D2 New 330ft Laser Distance Measure

Its accuracy is 1/16 and the distance measure is 330 ft higher than other laser tape measures. And you have the convenience of 3 units.  And with the additional function of addition, subtraction, volume, surface area calculation, and continuous measurement as well. Its IP rating for water and dust is IP54, which is good.


  • First, it has a memory of 10 groups
  • Second, Bluetooth for data sharing
  • And third also compatible with the Leica app.


  • It can be costly

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5. LOMVUM 393ft Laser Tape Measure

It has new laser precision technology rather than bubble level, it will be easier to find a horizontal position. So that you can measure precisely. Its accuracy is 1/16 and the measuring distance is 33 ft. you can measure in three different measures, feet, meters, and inches as well.

Due to its smart and compact design, you can easily carry it, by putting it in your side pocket. It also has rubber covered to protect it from external conditions. And that why it is water and dustproof with the level of IP54.

 LOMVUM Laser Measure 393Ft

This best laser tape measure will give you various modes of measurements such as single distance, volume, area, continuous measurements, and optional side measurements as well. And because of internal storage, you can store up to 20 group data.


  • First, has a long-distance measure
  • Second, long durable life
  • Third, three different measures
  • And fourth noise-free


  • Have no Bluetooth connectivity

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6. BOSCH Blaze GLM 50 C

When you hear about BOSCH, then you think this is the best device you can get. Because you trust the brand and company. This small and compact design can take a wide range of measurements such as length, real-time length, area, indirect, and also volume. There are also some built-in features like min/max, angles, double indirect, and stake out, all these features prove very convenient.

Bosch Blaze GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled 165’ Laser Distance Measure

Its screen will rotate with your change in direction as well. When you look at the lase tape measure, it is very easy to use with different functions such as a menu, measuring, on/off, location measurement as well, and Bluetooth connectivity.

It has an AAA battery, which can go for a long time. Due to its single-button functionality, you can easily navigate through the menu and can set your device. That’s why it is user-friendly.


  • First, it has Bluetooth connectivity
  • Second, data sharing to mobile with mobile app
  • And third good battery life.


  • It is a little costly

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7. Mileseey 328 Feet Digital Laser Distance Meter

This laser tape measure can measure distance up to 328 feet with accuracy because of two bubble installments. You will not get this degree of accuracy in laser precision technology. Its accuracy is up to 1/16 inches and the measurement distance is up to 328 feet. You have three types of measurement meter, inch, and feet.

It has a large LED display and also provides a good readable view in dark as well. You can also mute the beam sound so that it can easily use in schools, libraries, and other quiet places.  Due to various functions such as Pythagorean, addition, subtraction, distance, area, and volume. You can save data of 20 groups at a time for after use. With auto-shutdown features, you don’t have to worry about new batteries soon.

Mileseey 328 Feet Digital Laser Distance Meter

Also, it has an IP54 value for dust and waterproof level. And with a rubber protector you can easily drip in in hand and it will also protect it from an intense construction environment. You can wear it in wrest with a wrist strap.


  • First, it has high precision with two bubble technology
  • And second, you can store 20 groups of data at a time


  • It does not support any mobile app

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8. SKIL 65ft. Compact Laser Distance Measurer

This small and compact design can easily measure the distance up to the other end from the start of the device, then you will need to measure the offset as well. You can start measuring the distance just by pressing the small button. And if you double-tap the button you will get previous values to calculate volume, area, and other functional values.

Skil 65ft. Compact Laser Distance Measurer

If you want also to measure the irregular surface, you can use the wheel at its bottom. You just have to start the feel and start tracing the surface one by one. And this way you will get precise value or length or surface. This feature is unique and very handy as well. With its amazing LED screen which can show the digits even in dark light for good readability



  • First, the wheel to measure the distance of irregular surfaces or places
  • Second, it can also use continuous measuring
  • And third auto-off option after 5 minutes of no activity


  • It does not provide different functional values

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9. DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

This is one of the best laser distance measures and you can see the result on the LED screen, and you can also view the screen in dark. Just like all other laser tape measures, you can get precise measurements for your work. But if you want to measure the measuring tape, in case you will get out of battery, you can even do that because of 2 in one capability.

This DTAP has a lithium battery, that will stay will you for a long time, even sometimes you may forget about when you last time you install it. And it can work to connective five hours with a full charge. It has rechargeable batteries. Because of these batteries, it repairs cost is also low.

It is dustproof and waterproof as well, with the value of IP54. And because of auto-off mobile, it will turn off after 3 minutes of no activity. With laser technology, you can measure 131ft or 40 meters. and with 2 in one technology, it is user friendly as well. You can measure with three different units as meters, feet, and inches.


  • First 2 in 1 feature
  • Second, it has rechargeable batteries
  • And third, three different units for measuring


  • It does not have internal storage.

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10. BOSCH Professional Bosch GLM 30

If you are looking for a low-budget and good laser tape measure, then this will be your best option. It has an accuracy is 2mm and the distance measure is 30m. Like other BOSCH, this is also run on AAA batteries for long working hours. You can take thousands of measures before changing the battery.

Bosch Professional Bosch Glm 30 Professional Laser Measure

It has high quality and reliability laser tape measure, and also according to the IOS standard product. And also has water and dustproof product, so it can easily use on construction sites. It is very lightweight, so it can easily grip in hand and carry around.

It has a very small and compact design, you have just one button to perform all the basic operations. And this product is especially used for American users because it has U.S standard measuring units for easy work. And it also has auto sum which can easily add up the values.


  • First, according to IOS standard
  • Second, easy to grip in hand and carry as well
  • Third, has a hard structure for long life
  • And fourth, it has a basic interface


  • It does not have internal storage

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How do you read a laser tape measure?

When you on the laser tape measure and project it on a hard surface, you will see its reading on the LED screen. In some best laser distance measures, you can calculate area, volume, and other small calculations. And with Bluetooth connectivity transfer data to the mobile app.

What is a laser tape measure used for?

In past, you use a measuring tape, mostly used by engineers, carpenter, and plumbers. But now you can measure the distance from start to end. If you don’t have any object or surface at the endpoint, then put a hard object to calculate the distance.

What is the best laser tape measure?

What is best for you is decided by yourself. You can choose any best laser tape measure according to requirements, and in the market, you will see a wide range of laser tape measure with different specification.

Are laser tape measures accurate?

All the laser tape measures focus on accuracy mostly, because without accuracy there will no use of laser tape measure. But can choose any high accuracy object from our list of the 10 best laser tape measures. We have given detail of the 10 best products above.

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