Best 3D pen in 2023- Detailed review


Everyone loves to craft and create things that present just in their mind. And when you want your idea to become reality you will need the best 3d pen. Because 3d pen will help you to create 3d objects like an Eiffel tower, a dog, or chandelier. Most people’s things, 3d objects can be created only on software but now due to the 3d pens in the market, you can create small and creative things just with the best 3d pen.

You can also create a professional design with the help of a professional 3d pen, which is built for professionals with some extra features as compared to the 3d printings pen for kids. All kids love to create and draw, but this technology will improve their creativity.

Now you may be thinking that what is a 3D pen? then I have an answer for you a best 3D pen is like a pen size machine, with a power supply which helps you to molt the thermoplastic, and that will help you to create 3D objects that can dry after few seconds. Then you will have 3D objects in front of you. There are multiple types of 3D pens available in the market, with different technologies implemented.

Why a 3D pen instead of a basic pen?

When you draw with a basic pen, you need the practice to draw 3D design, and most children cannot do this. But architecture can easily create a design that they want. By drawing with pencils or colored pencils you can create interesting things but with the best 3D pen, you can create real things, which you can study and look at this from different directions.

This 3D pen can be helpful in many ways.

  • It can help the math teacher to create geometrical shapes to show their student for good understanding.
  • It helps you to draw living things like a dinosaur, a cat, and a ringing bell as well.
  • Also capable of drawing architectural design.
  • And now in vacations, it will help parents to keep their kids busy with an interesting activity.

List of 10 Best 3D Pens:

3Doodler Create 3D3DoodlerSmall in size and smooth design
3Doodler Start3DoodlerEcho friendly plastic filaments
MYNT3D Super 3D PenMYNT3DIt has a removable and replaceable nozzle
SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing PenSCRIB3Dgreat user experience
MYNT3D-MP032 Junior2 3D PenMYNT3DIt uses PLC material
3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen3DoodlerIt comes with 15 types of colors filaments.
3D Pen, CreoPop Professional 3D Printer PenCreoPopIt has a rechargeable battery
3Doodler PRO+ 3D Printing Pen3Doodleryou can do a lot with its Pro+ features
MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D PenMYNT3DIt has a removable nozzle for cleaning purpose
TR-LIFE 3D Printing Pen 4.0TR-LIFEIt has a transparent body structure

1. 3Doodler Create 3D

This 3Doodler is one of the best 3D pens, it will help you to create 3D design easily, and with solid design quality, your design will not break down. Your design will look more realistic and harder. When you start using it, you will need some practice to create a good design, but with time you will see that you can do a lot of things with this 3D pen.

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen Set, Sapphire Blue

When you buy the 3Doodler pen it will come with 10 different color filaments, with each color of 5 strands. And all these strands come in grey, light pink, dark pink, black, white, and transparent as well. There is a wide range of these strands that are available in the market. You can buy flexible, sparkly, and shine in dark types of strands in the range of 65 colors.

Taking about the pen, very easy to grip in hand, but be careful its nozzle can be very hot. You can increase and decrease its speeds with buttons according to your needs. It can get heat up easily, and you can start working just by the plugin. And then you will enjoy it. But its strands will run out more quickly than you think. That’s why you have to change strands many times for bigger projects.


  • Easy to use
  • Easily grip in hands.
  • Small in size and smooth design
  • And affordable as well


  • First, its filaments run out quickly
  • Seconds must connect to electric plug
  • Third, for some people, it cannot replace other arts like painting
  • And fifth its cooling fan can be a bit noisy.

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2. 3Doodler Essentials

This 3Doodler Start is for children especially, compatible in small hands, with its unique design. Because it is designed for kids, it is rechargeable, and it can charge very quickly within 90min. it also has green lights which can indicate either pen is on or not. And with charging light as well to show when its full charge.

Its hot nozzle is inside the pen, so it will not affect your children. And also, when plastic comes out, it not much hot to create an effect on the skin, this feature is built keeping children’s soft skin in mind. And that’s why you can leave your children alone when they are working with them.

3Doodler Start Essentials

It comes with a guidebook, which will help your children to understand how it will work with practice activities. When creating a 3D design keep in mind the things must be connected, so that your design can stand alone, but each other support.

This 3D pen work effectively and will not make you a thing to buy another pen. And also, these pens only work with eco-friendly plastic filaments and their cost is quite less. You can easily buy many packets for children.


  • First, Echo friendly plastic filaments
  • Second, Rechargeable and get full charge quickly
  • Third, Small in size, best for kids
  • And fourth has a solid structure


  • Can only be used by kids, not for professional purpose.

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3. MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

This 3D pen has a smooth and sleek plastic design, with a lightweight structure, so that it can be easily used and provide a great user experience. You can easily charge it with your mobile charger, power bank, and even connect with a computer to give power to it. But the power code is only 3ft long.

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen

Operating this 3D pen is straightforward, you can control its speed with the slider button. And it also has a start, stop and reverse button. It has red and green lights to indicate when the pen nozzle is heated enough to use. You can use ABS and PLA filaments for printing or creating 3D structures. If you are buying a pen for kids then be sure to buy PLA, because these are safe to use.

Because of its sleeky and small size, it is very comfortable to grip in hand, which will help you to create different designs easily. And it is also easy to maintain and clean with a removable nozzle. If you lost your nozzle you can buy the new one.


  • Easy to use
  • Has removable and replaceable nozzle.
  • It comes in both PLA and ABS filaments
  • It has a long life.


  • Controlling the temperature can be complicated

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4. SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen

When you want the best 3D pen in the premium version then you should look for SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen, because it will give you the best experience and money will pay of as well.  And you will not get disappointed after using it.

This is highly flexible with a wide range of filaments because you can use any filaments available in the markets according to your projects. Both ABS and PLA can use. But you may think about, will this pen temperature will support all these filaments? Yes, this best 3D pen has a wide range of temperatures, you can adjust the temperature according to the filament you use, with the help of the temperature button beside the LCD screen.

SCRIB3D Advanced 3D Printing Pen

It also provides variable speed control. And speed controlling while designing 3D shapes is very important. This SCRIB3D allows you to choose between the 8 options of speeds according to your work type.

You will be amazed at its result with such a good user experience. Because using this 3D pen is very easy with clear and simple instructions. It has a light set that indicates when the pen nozzle is heated enough and ready to use.


  • First, great user experience
  • Second, easy to operate
  • And third, it allows you to use multiple filaments.


  • It has a non-replaceable adopter.

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5. MYNT3D-MP032 Junior2 3D Pen

You cannot expect professional’s 3D pens for a kid. They are sensitive and have less information. That why 3D pens for kids should be different and design by view kids in mind. This is considered the best 3D pen for kids.

It has a small and good design which attracts children’s mid. This product is created with a low temperature and speed range. But you can increase its speed according to your project type.

MYNT3D-MP032 Junior2 3D Pen

You can easily charge it because it has a USB port charger which can be connected to the power bank and computers as well.


  • First, it uses PLC material
  • Second, it is portable because you can charge its battery
  • Third, it does not have an outside heating nozzle
  • And fourth, it has one year warranty.


  • Because it is designed for kids, that’s why its nozzle did not get too much hot and sometimes it can be boring.

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6. 3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen

If you are looking for a good and high-quality 3D pen, then this 3Doodler Create+ 3D can be your best option. It will provide you great stratification, you just have to plugin it and wait for the heating nozzle and then start creating your project. You can create a design on paper and a 3D design with plastic filaments.

3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen

If you get the best 3D pen, that does not mean you can instantly create professional designs. Because to draw something special and clean, you need experience and practice. Like all other 3D pens, you have speed-controlling buttons here. And you can use both PLA and ABS filaments for your project. It has multiple light indications, such as red light means the pen is still plugged in, green means you can insert a new filament.

For PLA filaments temperature can increase up to 180 to 190 °C and for ABS it will reach up to 220-230 °C.


  • First, you can use both ABS and PLA filaments.
  • Second, comes with 15 types of colors filaments.
  • Third, plastic filaments for kids.
  • And the mobile app, so you can learn more.


  • It has a non-replaceable charger.

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7. CreoPop 3D Professional Pen

This CreoPop 3D pen is considered one of the best 3D pen and user-friendly. It will cross your expectation. It is considered best for professionals in creating 3D designs. The basic difference from other 3D pens, that they use plastic filaments and you have to wait for heating but this 3D pen uses ultraviolet light to set the ink. It has toothpaste-like inks and gets hard within seconds to support its structure.

Due to its high flexibility, children can use it easily, because it has no heating nozzle. And that’s why you can leave your children alone, while they are playing. Even its ink doesn’t get too much hot.

3D Pen, CreoPop Professional 3D Printer Pen

This 3D pen is easy to grip in hand and also lightweight. Its ink gets dry within the 20s. that why you can sketch complex and creative designs. You can choose inks among a wide range such as magnetic ink, elastic ink, temperature-sensitive ink, magnetic and body paint ink.

And it has a rechargeable battery, this feature is no available in any other best 3D pens. that’s why it is a highly portable 3D pen.


  • First, best for kids
  • Second, no heating nozzle
  • Third, rechargeable battery.
  • And fourth, it comes with one year guarantee


  • It can be a bit heavy on your pocket.
  • Its cold ink only provided by its company
  • And cold ink, sometimes not good.

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8. 3Doodler PRO+ 3D Printing Pen

If you are starting your 3D art with 3D pens now, then don’t go for the professional version first. You should practice with medium or start series only. This 3Doodler PRO+ has more advanced and précised features which you will not find in any of the 3Doodler 3D pens available in the market.

When inserting the new filaments, you can open its side and can see the whole settings. And these sides of the 3D pen are magnetically attached. This feature can be very helpful when out of expectation your filaments get stuck. Then this fine structure will help you.

3Doodler PRO Design Tool for Creative Professionals

You can use a wide range of materials for creating your designs. When you use different types of materials, then you will know that each material has its properties and difficulties as well. That’s why you have to use them to get the best results. And you also have different types of nozzle sets.


  • First, it will feel comfortable in your hand.
  • Second, you can use different types of filaments
  • Third, has an open view option with magnetically attached sides.
  • And fourth, you can do a lot with its Pro+ features.


  • It has a heating nozzle, so be aware.
  • And it will produce some noise as well.

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9. MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

This best 3D pen is lightweight to ensure a good user experience, and also not much light, that it may look cheap. When you will work with these 3D pens, you will be amazed by their performance. This is one of the best 3D pens, in case of its weight, design, and solid construction of shapes as well.

It has a digital screen that displays the modes of the pen, some say it’s for design purposes only. But it can be helpful in the future with advanced features. You can also adjust its speed from low to speed according to your convenience. And it has a removable nozzle for cleaning purposes. Many other best 3D pens don’t have these features.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen

It comes with a detailed instruction manual, that will help you to create the thing that you just imagine. But for beginners, only the manual will not work, they can get help from video tutorials that are available for everyone, who wants to learn. And you will be amazed to find that this pen will never do a mistake.

That’s why it is considered to be best for professionals. You can adjust its temperature up to 230°C. you can use a mobile power supply and power bank to provide power when you don’t have an outlet nearby.


  • First, you can use PLA and ABS filaments in this pen
  • Second, it has a removable nozzle for cleaning purpose
  • Third, also has an OLED screen
  • And fourth, good user experience


  • Its instruction manual is difficult to follow.

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10. TR-LIFE 3D Printing Pen

If you are searching for 3D pens, which u you can use for practice, then TR-LIFE 3D Printing Pen is the best option for you among the best 3D pens. It is the enhanced model with4.0 version. And it ensures that no filaments can get stuck inside it. You can view its full functionality due to its transparent structure.

Before buying a premium 3D pen, you must know that for what you are paying. This 3D pen is available at the help prize than any premium 3D pen. That’s why you can buy it for practice, then you can go from premium pens for professional work.

TR-LIFE 3D Printing Pen 4.0 Version

It comes with a guidebook, that will explain how to use and also some templates to help you to start creating 3D objects. This not maybe the best features like another best 3D pen in the list. But that does not mean we can ignore its important features.

Because you cannot have such a good 3D pen at this low price.


  • First, it has a transparent body structure
  • Second, comes with a good manual guide
  • And third, all one button for all operation, ease for users


  • It only uses plastic filaments
  • It has only one button, which means less flexibility.
  • Because it is only for practice that’s why doesn’t have advanced features.
  • And limited features

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If you want the best 3D pen, then read these factors first

You can buy any 3D pen from the market, but if you want to buy the best 3D pen, then first you know that what to look for in a 3D pen. And I have some points for you that can look at.

Types of pen 3D pen

In the market, you will find 3D pens for kids, elders, and professionals as well. Professional 3D pens are costly and have more features, that are mostly use by architects and professional people. And for kids, you will have small and easy-to-use pens.

Types of material used in the best 3D pen

There are different types of materials available in the market such as ABS, PLA, and PLC. If you want a 3D pent which can use all these types of filaments then buy a professional series of any good company we mentioned above.

Strength of material

Different types of filaments have different strengths, that why you should choose the filaments that suit best to your projects.

User experience

You should buy a pen that is easy to use and highly portable if you work dynamically. That will help you a lot. Some 3D pens have unique adopters and some are rechargeable pens. That’s all up to you, what you want.


What’s the best 3D pen to buy?

There are multiple 3D pens available in the market, price depends on the features you want. If you want a 3D pen for kids then you have multiple choices, and we have also mentioned the best 3D pens for kids above.

How much does a good 3D pen cost?

If you want a 3D pen for kids then you will have multiple ranges from $40 to $60. And as you move higher professional best 3D pens costly get high up to $200.

What is the cheapest 3D pen?

The cheapest 3D pen includes only 3D pens for kids, which also range from $40 to 50$. And if you want cheaper then you will not get the even good quality.

How do beginners use 3D pens?

Many companies provide beginners guide with their 3D pen and some also provide exercise for practicing. But if you want more information then you can watch free video tutorials as well.

Is 3D pen safe?

Yes, a 3D pen is very safe to use, but if you are talking about kids then you should buy special 3D pens design for kids. Otherwise, these pens are completely safe and easy to use.

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