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8 Best and Attractive Wix Templates for Websites in 2021

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Wix is an online CMS platform to build and run high-quality websites to promote your business idea. The website can be your best place if you want to share your life story and promote your work. Wix can give you a place to host your website. You can choose any attractive templates that can best present your idea or business. I have collected some amazing Wix templates to present your work. Let’s have a look at them.

Wix Templates for websites

1.      Online Fitness Program

The online fitness program Wix template can easily present your fitness goal and services. Users can easily go through different services and apply online for your program. And also help them to continue from home. Click the link to preview the themes.

Online Fitness Program website template

2.      Ice Cream Shop

The ice cream is about flavor and visual look. The more delicious it looks; the more people will love to taste it. The Ice Cream shop theme is a bright and charming theme to present your business. The live features can allow a user to enable live chat to ask any question. Click the link to preview the theme.

Ice Cream Shop

3.      App Landing Page

This theme is attractive and easy to navigate through different pages that can easily present your product. You can also organize different sections for showcasing product details. Click the link to preview the themes.

App Landing Shop Theme

4.      Wedding Invitation

You can share your life story with everyone by posting your favorite picture and moments in life. An online repository can help your guest to decide on a wedding gift.  You can also provide links to your favorite accessories and shops. Click the link to preview the theme.

Wadding Invitation website theme

5.      Tech Company

In the Wix theme collection, the tech company wix template can easily impress your tech ventures. You can customize modern text boxes to show various statistics and information related to tech. and blog is a great opportunity to share your expertise with readers. Click the link to preview the theme.

Tech Company Website Theme

6.      Personal Blog

When people share their thoughts and interest with others, they want the user to understand and visualize them. And pictures, animation, and videos can easily do the job. Various beautiful blog templates can attract many readers to your blog. Click the link to preview the theme.

Personal Blog Website Theme

7.      Travel Blog

When people travel through different places, they take pictures, make videos, feel the beautiful places and write their experiences. But a beautiful travel template can share your personal experience with everyone, and you can also give travel tips to others. Click the link to preview the theme.

Travel Blog Website Theme

8.      Online Memorial

When you adore someone and want to appreciate their works, then creating a memorial website to honor them is the best way. You can showcase their works and the memories you have with them. A beautiful Memorial wix template can help you do that. Click the link to preview the theme.

Online Memorial Theme

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