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Why You Should Use iCloud – Features of iCloud

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iCloud is the online storage service provided by Apple. You can synchronize your data, emails, messages, calendar, pictures, and other important files. Because this product is from Apple, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac.

iCloud can help you in many ways. You can find all your content and data through a webpage. You can even find your lost devices through iCloud. Windows users can also get iCloud services through a free desktop application.

10 Best Features of iCloud

1.    Backup Mobile Data

Mobiles mostly get out of storage and we want a permanent source of data storage. Where we can store, retrieve, update the mobile data according to the requirements. You must need to ensure that your data is backup regularly. And you can enable the automatic backup option for more convenience.

You can separately backup the data of all mobile apps to iCloud. And manage the backup details with the help of a flexible user interface. Because of application backups, you will not lose the data of the previously used app. And can easily update the application after new installation in the latest mobile.

2.    Flexible Working Experience

To enhance the user experience, the applications and web pages are great designs. You can drag pictures, files, and other content and upload it to your iCloud. Once your file is uploaded to the iCloud, now you can edit, update and delete the file.

All the files can be scanned with other devices, so these can be accessed from anywhere. This can be very helpful when you are traveling because you have all the important files. Because your data is stored at a cloud-based server, then you can retrieve your important files if you lose your mobile.

3.    Share your Files

You cannot stop yourself from sharing things with your family. At iCloud, you can share pictures, videos, and other content through it. And even create family groups to share the same files among many family members. You can share documents, purchases, and locations as well. the profile of each member has its restrictions and data accessibility permissions.

And except for family members, you also have an individual sharing option for safe and secure data sharing. You can instantly share the file by clicking on it, you can share through the mail, and also by sharing the link to a file. And by link sharing, you can restrict the user for view and editing permissions.

4.    High Security

The iCloud provides you with highs user’s data security. You can secure the app by pin code and also through the system preference in apple products. The iCloud keychain, record you all your activity and store the new passwords safely. You can view the password in the password tab if you forget the sign-in credentials.

Furthermore, the iCloud keychain system will also store your credit card number and all the details you provide while buying from the online store. And will suggest you use the previously used data. This way you can enjoy fast browsing and purchasing experience.

5.    Restore Previous Files

We sometimes accidentally delete important files. These files can be restoring the iCloud, you have backups the file there. You can find all the deleted files in iCloud storage and restore them to use again. Search through the files to find all the important files and with one click restore the files.

And you should restore your files before the 30days because, after 30 days, the files will be deleted permanently and can’t be restored.

6.    Optimize Mobile Storage

The videos and pictures are the most important files for you. They take most of the space, but still, you don’t want to delete them. Because emotion is attached to memories and funny life moments. But your mobile storage will run out if you have thousands of pictures and videos.

iCloud will help you optimized the space. When the storage level reaches the critical level and does not have enough space. Then it has moved the high-resolution picture to the cloud-based server. And show the smaller size pictures in the user dashboard. So, that he can view, download, and share the pictures and videos.

7.    Delete Unused Files

iCloud can store the backups application, which can take more space you may even think. For example, the messages can take a lot of space, if you are using the mobile for a long time. And each time you restore the data you have to move the significant data.

So, deleting the unnecessary and cached files should be deleted to optimize the data storage and important files. Delete the unused files of all applications, so you can save space for other important files. Otherwise soon you will be run out of storage, then you will need to buy more storage.

8.    Can Buy More iCloud Storage

Storage is a big problem for users. Apple provides free 5GB storage, which cannot be enough for most of the users. Then you can buy more space from iCloud at a relatively less price. You can purchase storage from iCloud using Apple Id.

Look for iTunes account and click on add funds to Apple id. You can also put your budget aside to use it for others purposes. You can use the family share option easily because members will not be able to use your Apple ID. And buying additional funds is very easy.


iCloud can help you in many ways. It manages, optimizes, stores your data, and keeps it available from everywhere. You can backup the app data, and restore it on the new device. Sharing the files with family and friends becomes very easy with iCloud.

If you integrate with the full ecosystem of iCloud. Then you can have access to more features and will have high security. iCloud is a convenient way of data storage for millions of people. So, start using it to make your life easier and more flexible.

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