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What is SEOquack And How It Works

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The SEOquack is an extension or tool by SEMRUSH for SEO experts, who work on a daily basis and analyze hundreds of pages regularly. This extension is available from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera as well. The SEOquack can give details about any web page, such as SEO score according to SEMRUSH, internal and external links, page structure, and total words.

This useful extension can be activated and deactivated according to your choice. It not only shows the page detail but also generates a report for later reviews.

Features of SEOquack

  1. Estimated keyword difficulty
  2. Give a complete audit of the web page and also check the page for mobile compatibility
  3. Check a wide range of default parameters
  4. Compare URL’s or domains
  5. Users can also view social statistics for Google+ and Facebook
  6. Find all possible keywords and their density on the specific page
  7. Do a thorough SERPs analysis and generate a report in CSV format
  8. Also set parameters for a search query
  9. Get a full detail of external and internal links

All these features when working together will produce excellent results and analyzed reports. That can help the SEO experts to have a better view of the page.

Install SEOquack Extension

  • To add the extension to your browser, search the SEOquack extension related to your browser
  • Add the extension to the browser and activate it in settings.
  • By default, the extension will start working on each page you visit but you can limit it in settings
  • On each page, you can separately activate the extension by right-clicking
  • And when you want to quit the extension, simply remove it from the search browser

How it Works

It is consisting of several small tools which you can use depending upon the user requirements. The first tool is SEO Bar, which is present at the top of the web browser, it can give you details about specified metrics and that can easily be customized.  The second tool is SERP Overlay, it is a bar that appears on each page with SERP results. Once you have customized the metrics, you can easily view, analyze and import the analytics result easily.

The detailed report about each page is the most awesome feature that gives you detailed analytics about the page. SEOquack has other useful tools such as external or internal links details, keyword density, and SEO audit tools.

The extension is continuously updated by the developers to improve the user experience and to add more advanced tools.

SEOquack is compatible with all famous web browsers and is easy to install and works with it. And if you have any quires related to the extension then contact the creator at

There is also another useful extension are available in the market to help you to maximize your work. The SEOquack is one of the best SEO extensions that can provide you with more data in less time. Now go, and install the extension right now to get more out of it.

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