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How Amazon Smile Can help You to Donate

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The charity can help the many needy people in the world. You can add a smile to someone’s face by donating only one dollar. It will bring peace to your life.

Its recent years’ flection is seen in a donation. People like to donate to help other people. Amazon sees the comping opportunities and starts a separate site for this purpose. It will help the users of amazon to great extent. You know why? Keep reading, you will get the answer.

What is an amazon smile

Amazon Smile is a separate site from amazon. You can find all the products that are available at Amazon, also at amazon smile. But the difference is that amazon smile donates 0.5% of your purchase to charity.

There are no additional charges for customers and charity foundations. Whenever customers do an eligible purchase, the charity goes to the user choice charity organization. People who are permanent users of amazon with prime membership can easily set up an account for amazon smile.

Responsible people come to amazon smile to purchase the product and help. Because they can choose the organization, to which they want to donate the charity amount. Not only the amazon smile provides online charity funding during the purchase. You have also other platforms available in the market.

Amazon smile for consumers

You can easily set up the amazon smile account with a few simple step

1)    Create an amazon smile consumer account

First, go to the amazon smile work hub and click on get started. If you already a member, it will ask you to sign in. otherwise create a new account for yourself. There are no extra charges for creating a basic amazon account.

All the prime features will be available to the amazon prime members. If you don’t have a Prime account, then you can easily create a free prime account and you can also start a trial membership to have experience.

2)    Choose the charity organization

You amazon smile account is created now. And You will get notified to choose the charity organization. You can select the specific organization and type of organization if not decided yet. More the one million charity organization is listed at this platform.

Once you have chosen the charity organization. The percentage amount will start moving to the charity organization. But be aware not all the items are included in the charity item list.

But the site will remind you about giving charity and will start donating the amount of eligible purchase to the selected organization.

And if you select the unregistered organization, then those will receive a mail to register their company.

3)    How will donations work

If your organization is not registered to the amazon smile then your donation will go to the other charity organization.

So, you can confirm their membership via email. And then you select the organization to start donating. Most of the charity organization which is register at this site, also promote the amazon smile at their site.

Amazon smile app is also available for the best user experience and convenience. donate money

4)    Products eligible for charity

Amazon has millions of products at its site. And not all the products are eligible for donation.  If you want to donate 0.5% to the charity then make sure the “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation” stamp is available in the description box.

And the amount of charity excludes from the exact price of the box. It will not include the packaging price, taxes, and shipping charges.

5)    Will amazon detect the tax form donation?

No amazon will not detect the tax charges from the donation. You will have to donate cash and property to be eligible for text deduction.

Cons and pros for the consumer at amazon smile


  • It is a free and easy to use donation service


  • You have to check the products either eligible or not for donation
  • You can only donate to one charity organization, which most of us don’t prefer
  • And donation amount is comparatively less

Amazon smile for a charity organization

If you are a charity organization and working for needy peoples from different sectors and regions. Then you should create an account at amazon smile to increase the funding opportunities.

1)   Why register your organization at amazon smile

Go to Amazon’s Org Central page and registered your organization. And having an account is not enough. You must register at amazon smile with an approved account.

If your organization just has an account then, all the consumers’ donation who has to choose your organization will not come to you. The donation will be sent to the other related organization.

So, make sure to approve your account to start receiving the donation from consumers. You should check your account status after some time because due to some policy violation your membership can be terminated.

If you change your mail and bank account, amazon will drop your account and notify you through the mail. Quickly solved the problem, to update your account status.

Creating an amount does not cost you anything, but not claim it will cause the transfer of your amount to another organization.

2)   How will you receive the charity

When the user purchases an eligible product, then a charity amount will be detected and added to the funds. After each quarter, money will be transfer to the organization’s bank account through electric funds transfer.

And the organization will receive the funds after every 45 days or when consumer funds reach the minimum transfer requirement.

The cons and pros an organization will have


  • Amazon smile is profitable
  • Easy to set up the account
  • Direct donation from amazon
  • Have long term and consistent donation


  • The donation amount is small
  • Can minimize donation habits
  • Advertisement is needed
  • Personal consumer data is not available


Amazon smile is the best donating platform for amazon prime users. they are responsible and like to share theirs with others. And most of us should donate to needy and poor people. Because giving charity to others will bring peace and balance to your life.

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