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How to Use Canva to Create Attractive Pinterest Pins

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Canva is an online graphical tool use to create awesome creative designs from social media to websites design and blog banners. Canva gives you great flexibility to work with. You will have hundreds of templates to start your work. The person with less graphical skills can use the Canva pro and free account to have more engagements and traffic. And if you are a Pinterest pins creator then at Canva you have separate categories to build awesome design.

You should use Canva because it has many free startup templates to start your work from scratch. And save them in your account for later usage.

Search templates

First of all, create your account at Canva which is completely free. Here you will see many startup templates of many categories such a Facebook, Instagram, blog banner, CV, and Pinterest. Now search for Pinterest. Then you will see hundreds of templates in search results. You can use any of them and separately customize them according to your requirements. And also create from scratch if you want.

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Customize the design

Click on any design to customize it in the editor. Here you can see many options to edit the pictures. In the right-side menu bar, you can view many options such as templates to change the template, elements to add creative graphics, photos to have millions of pictures, color styles that can add multiple group colors to your design, and many more options.


Search graphical elements here.  You can search stars, flowers, alphabets, creative design, icons, almost everything you want. Select the element and use it in your design, change its size, color rotation to match your requirements. Continue this to have the best design for your Pinterest pins.

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The template you choose may not accomplish your goal, so don’t worry try another template. Among hundreds of designs templates, you will find the one you love. If not then you can slightly customize the design to make it attractive and meet your requirements.

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Upload your design and photos

Canva gives you personal storage space to save and upload designs. This way you can use your pictures and designs to use them in your pin. If you are a brand it will help you to maintain consistency and promote the same material on all platforms. You can also use the brand kit features to create your brand’s marketing material for all platforms. and search photos from Canva to use them in designs.

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Color styles

The color styles features are the best, I found it awesome because it can apply a group of colors to your design and also shuffle the same colors to create beautiful Pinterest pins.  There are many color combinations in Canva editor but you can also your color codes to have consistency in your all designs.

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Text styles:

The font size and styles can have a great effect on your design. Text styles can catch visitors’ attraction and convince them that you have something unique from others. This will bring users to your other boards. Use the various colors and font styles from hundreds of them.

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So, it is very easy to use Canva which can make attractive and awesome Pinterest pins that can attract many visitors to your profile and boards.

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