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Harmful Side Effects of Mobile Phones

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The mobile now becomes an important part of everyone’s life. People like to use mobile before going to sleep and pick it up after they wake up. They mostly spend their free time on mobiles rather than going out to meet up with friends or playing some physical game. Physical games can make you healthier, keep you fit and boost your stamina. But here I will explain the side effects of mobile phones at night.

Some real facts

Here are some real facts about mobile usage:

  1. The 87% of mobile users check their mobile within one hour of waking up or going to sleep
  2. The average mobile phones users check their phone 63 times a day
  3. The 86% of users check their mobile phones while speaking to family and friends
  4. The 58% of users tried to limit their mobile usage from which 41% succeeded

Reasons behind mobile phone addiction

Many reasons engaged the users to mobile continuously. Such as

  1. Social media platforms and relationships driven content
  2. Using the usage of app and videos
  3. Dating apps, cybersex, and other such things
  4. Gambling, shopping, auctions, and stock trading

5 Harmful Side Effects of Mobile Phones on human

1.      Stress

The mobile phone in your hands will keep you distracted from the outside world. You will not notice what happening around you, even you family member will feel ignored. The outdoor activities will be less because your free time is being consumed by mobile phones. And a side effect of mobile phones also includes mental health problems.

2.      Sleep loss

Some people use their mobiles before going to sleep and keep their mobiles closer to their beds. If you want to have a peaceful night’s sleep then, you should put down the mobile 45min before going to bed. But this habit is spoiling our peaceful nap and will result in sleep loss. This habit can destroy your sleeping habits.

3.      False prestige

Due to the social media platform, everyone thinks they have the right to share anything they like. Most of the time, things coming from social media are creating false prestige on teenagers, and they are likely to fall for it. So, everyone should be mature enough to investigate the content before sharing it further. Because nowadays, small children are also using mobile phones and tablets.

4.      Vision problem

While using mobile phones, the users keep them close to their eyes which increases the pressure on the eyes. According to the research, about 83% of teenage mobile users have shown the following symptoms such as blurred vision, dry eyes, stress, and redness. Try to limit mobile usage to reduce the side effects of mobile phones.

5.      Risk of Cancer

People using mobile phones are at greater risk of acoustic neuroma according to the research in 5 European countries. Although there is no direct relation between mobile use and cancer. But mobile radiations are harmful to the body and mind.

To save your health try to reduce mobile usage in daily life. Be Safe, Stay safe.

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