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5 Reasons to Use Canva an Online Graphical Tool

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Canva is an online graphical tool that is used to make interactive designs, blog posts, social media content, blog banners, Twitter card, logon, and many other tools for digital marketing. It is considered the best tool to add more spice to your content and engage the user to your website.

Canva provides a wide range of templates for all category which is an awesome feature for people who are not good at designing and color combination. In Canva pro you will see hundreds of features but here I will tell you 5 awesome features that can take your ordinary content to a professional level.

1.    Canva is free

Yes, you read it right!

You can use Canva free for unlimited time not only for 7 days or a month like other online graphical tools provide. In Canva free you will have access to many awesome features like picture editing, upload your content, and download pictures in a compressed format to reduce their size.

But yes, in Canva free you will have limited access to all features. If you want to add value to your content and grab customer attention.

2.    Hundreds of templates

If the user is not a graphical designer and has not much luck in color or design. Then don’t worry Canva will help you. You can search all types of templates in can pro and if you like the design then you can further customize the design as you want.

In Canva templates you will find free templates of CVs, Blog Banners, Instagram photos or stores, timelines, business cards, logos of all types such as geomaterial, creative, or 3D, and many more templates.


3.    Team collaboration

Team collaboration is a very helpful feature if you are working in a team or office environment. Canva Pro users can add team members to their team to monitor the work activities.

Members of the team can create a creative design and can share it with other members, they can further edit the design to give it a professional look. When you work in a team your effort and work quality will be multiplied. These features in present in Canva Pro only.

4.    Create a brand kit

The Canva online graphical Tool takes care of everyone’s needs and requirements. If you are a brand and continuously working on your brand marketing content. That’s why using a different color each time can break your brand’s authentic color scheme and font style.

Don’t worry, Canva will help you. Users can save their brand color, font styles, and other small details in account. This way each time to log in to your account you will have a save brand kit to start your work on new things and templates.

5.    Storage

When you are working in an online graphical tool then storing your work is very important. Saving them in local storage and then transfer them to too each time you work can be very time taking and irritate some time.

But Canva pro gives you your storage to save your design to your account. You can also upload your content to keep everything organized in one place. This way you can find all your designs, logos, templates, and picture in a single personal account.


My advice: If you want to grow your website traffic or attract customers to your brand then shift to Canva pro for $12.95 a month. It will boost your average content to a professional level.

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