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Best Way to Migrate WordPress Website to New Domain

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Migrate the WordPress website to a new domain is very easy if you the method I will explain next. There are multiple ways to migrate WordPress such as through different plugins and File Transfer Protocol (FTP). By using FTP, you have to access the database and do some manual changing which can be difficult if you are new to this field.

You can migrate a WordPress site to a new domain by a plugin, which will be quite easy and can be done in few steps. Keep reading to know how to do it.

Migrate WordPress by All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

The All-in-One WP Migration is the WordPress plugin introduce in 2013 to make WordPress migration easy for everyone. And now more than 60 million websites are using this plugin to migrate WordPress sites.

Now follow the steps for easy WordPress migration:

1.    Installed Plugin

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Add New Plugin. Search the WordPress by All-in-One WP Migration and then click on the Install Now button. And then activate the plugin.


2.    Export the Site

All-in-One WP Migration has a simple mechanism to import or export the site to a new domain. This plugin only exports the website content and its database, not the WordPress itself. So, to export the site to a new domain you must have to install WordPress before import.

Now navigate through the dashboard and click on All-in-One WP Migration > Export. Here you will see multiple options to migrate the WordPress site, look at all the available options to see either these apply to your site or not. If you click on any of them, next you will see the export button. Click to button to start importing the site. For example, you choose the file option.


This process will take some time, depending upon the size of your WordPress website size. Don’t cancel the process. When a process ends the download button will appear. Click on the button to save the file to local storage. You can also find a copy of the same file in All-in-One WP Migration > Backups.

Now you have your file in local storage It is ready to move to the new domain.

3.    Export Site

Exporting the file is much easier than importing. Either you are importing a file or any other form, the process to import all types of files is the same. To import the file to a new domain or host, you must install the WordPress first if not already installed. Then go to the plugin section to install the same plugin we mentioned above.

Navigate to the All-in-One WP Migration > Import. Now you will see a drag box and box under it. It showing that you can only import files whose size is up to 64 MB. But if your file is larger than 64 MB then get unlimited space to import your file. Here are good instructions on the Servmask website to fix the file size issue.



Now drag your file to the box and it will start importing your file. The process will take some time depending upon your file size. When the uploading is complete, next click the proceed option. When all the process is complete you will see a dialog box to tell your data is imported successfully.

Now login to your new site with previous credentials and save the permalinks twice as mentioned in the dialog screen. This completes the migration of the WordPress site to a new address.

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