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Microsoft Azure for Student | Top 5 Services

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Azure is a cloud platform that provides 200+ cloud computing services. That can help the new developers to bring new solutions to life. You can build, run, and manage the new application on various clouds.  The Azure for student provide different free cloud service packages to help them build new ideas and manage various applications.

Azure for student provide services such as storage, virtual computing, analytics, networking, storage and many more.

Some amazing facts about Azure

Open – It supports almost each too, framework, OS, and language
Global – The data is hosted at geosynchronous data centers
Reliable – 24/7 tech support and 99.5% availability SLA
Economical – The user can only pay for what he used
Flexible – Easily move resources from one place to another

Big companies using Azure Services

Many big companies use Azure services to maintain their information. This is the list of big organizations using Azure.

  1. LG Electronics $76.7 million
  2. Adobe: $39.9 million
  3. LinkedIn Corp: $41.2 million
  4. CenturyLink: $61.9 million
  5. News Corp: $40.5 million
  6. Verizon: $79.9 million
  7. NTT America: $48.7 million
  8. Wikimedia Foundation: $42.6 million

5 top Azure for student services

1.      Azure App Service (Compute)

The Azure App Service helps the student to build, deploy and maintain mobile and web Apps using leading technologies such as Java, Python, PHP, .NET, .NET Core that can be run on Windows and Linux. Moreover, with high performance, security, and flexibility, you can manage 60 billion per day. In Azure for education or student, students can manage up to 10 mobile or web apps.

2.      Visual Studio Code (Developers Tool)

The Visual Studio Code is a powerful developer tool that can help the student to build, debug, and monitor their cloud applications locally. Especially, Users can easily integrate various tools with a range of advanced features. In the Azure for student package, you can have a free version of VS code for an unlimited period.

3.      Security Center (Security)

Security centers are an important part of Microsoft that keeps everything secure from outside attract. Except for the physical infrastructure and operational controls, there are also additional actions you need to secure your cloud system. Therefore, Use the Security Center service to strengthen your cloud security posture. In the student package, you can use the security center service for 1 free month.

4.      Azure Virtual Network (Networking)

The Virtual Network provides various features to its users, from secure connections, own IP addresses, control over traffics, isolated environment for your application to hybrid intrastate that you can control. Now, In Azure for students, you can have free 50 virtual networks for a limited time.

5.      SQL Database (Database)

The SQL Database service provides many awesome features to its users such as easy access and query stretched data online, move data easily, low maintenance cost, easily scale cloud storage as your requirements increase, encrypted data transfer for high security. In Azure free for students, you can have 250GB storage place for a limited period.

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