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Keyword Surfer | Keyword Surfer SEO Extension Review

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What is a Keyword Surfer?

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Keywords Surfer is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension. Before October 1, 2019, the tool was free to use. When you use Google search, the plugin quickly displays the quarterly organic traffic, CPC, and competitive difficulties for this specific phrase.

Keywords Surfer will save you a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent copying data through one website while determining search volume from another. Keywords Everywhere help you locate long-tail terms by providing precise search volume, CPC, and competitiveness statistics. Bulletin stock has explained everything you need to know about the Keyword Surfer SEO extension.

The tool obtains its services like Google Ads and Clickstream Data. But that’s not all. Following a search, two further overviews show next to the search results. There are two sections here: Related Searches and Users Also Ask.

The extension also displays the search volume, CPC, and competition complexity for each of these terms. If you need to conduct keyword research, this is a must-have tool. We hope you find this amazing article explained for the Keyword Surfer SEO extension useful.

Install Keyword Surfer Extension in Chrome

  1. Search on Google “Keyword Surfer Extension“, the results will show up.
Keyword Surfer Extension
Keyword Surfer Extension

2. Click on the first result that takes you to the extension page.

Keywords Extension
Keywords Extension


3. Now click the “Add to Chrome” button, and the extension will be added to your chrome.

the extension will be added to your chrome.
the extension will be added to your chrome.

You can see check it in your extensions section.


Some of the Features of Keyword Surfer

Because the premium features of Keywords Everywhere are no longer available for free, I decided to test a few Chrome extensions for a suitable substitute. I discovered Keyword Surfer and thought it had a lot of promise.

When you make a Google search, the extension will provide a list of keyword possibilities depending on your search query. It accomplishes this while also displaying the search volume and similarity score for those phrases. This means you may locate amazing, high-volume phrases that will work well with your content ideas. However, keep in mind that the larger the volume number, the more the competitiveness for that exact phrase. My problem is that I do not know where the Keyword Surfer addon gets its data. For example, the search phrase “keyword surfer” has a search volume of zero. However, the typical monthly volume, so according to Google Keyword Planner, is somewhere between 1,000 to 10,000.

Number of Words in Articles

The Number of Words feature was one of the extension’s features that almost got me enthusiastic. This displays the number of words utilized to generate each of the top ten posts on the results page. This is an excellent tool for anybody utilizing the Skyscraper strategy or attempting to determine how many words are required for top ranks. The Number of Words for Keyword Surfer, on the other hand, is entirely deceptive in my opinion. I’m not sure what the extension is counting on these pages, similar to the volume data above. It would be a fantastic addition if the devs could solve this function. But, for the time being, I’m taking the data with a grain of salt.

Select and Copy Keywords from Google

Unlike all the other keyword search tools, Keyword Surfer allows you to choose the phrases you want to use and copy them to an available Clipboard. You may copy these to a doc file or extract the list as a CSV from here. This implies you may select which words to use in future articles by clicking the small star next to each. This puts the Keyword Surfer extension ahead of just a few other free Chrome extensions for developing SEO content in my opinion. A CSV file may be opened in almost any spreadsheet tool, such as Excel or LibreOffice Calc. At that point, I’d use Google Keyword Planner to get the bid cost for each phrase.

Keywords Everywhere Outline Generator

I’d like to draw your attention to the new Intelligence article layout tool. As an AI system evaluates your topic and provides ideas, you can obtain ideas for what to write next from the extension. When looking for themes in Google, this feature is accessible from the bottom on a peak of the Keyword Surfer extension. The article creator will take your Google search keyword and generate a comprehensive outline for you to utilize in your blog post. You may also just utilize it to get ideas for what to write regarding. In any case, it’s a useful tool for individuals who are stuck for ideas.

Guide to Use the Keywords Everywhere Extension

When you enter a question into the Google search engine, you will receive some more results. As shown in the screenshot below. It gives you direct results in the Google search bar.

You can also see the Keyword ideas shown on the right side of the page.

Use the Keyword Surfer Extension
Guide to Use the Keyword Surfer Extension

As you can see in the screenshot above. On Google, I typed in “search engine optimization.” Following that, a little flag with several counts and a dollar fee emerged beside the flag and traffic counts. The first item on the right side is the expected monthly volume of the term searched, and the second thing is the suggestions, which will give us an idea of how people search in a certain place.

The flag on the right side of the ideas is one thing you’ll notice. This is the intended site. We may modify this by clicking the flag symbol.

Correlation Charts

The correlation charts are another intriguing feature of the Keyword Surfer addon. This gives us traffic over position, as well as words over position and keywords over the position.

Correlation Charts
Correlation Charts

Whenever you pick the travel tab of the chart, you would see a quantity of traffic on the right vertical side and the placement of the webpage that shows on that exact keyword search result on the base horizontal line.

Words Correlation Charts

Whenever you select on the second tab, which is labeled Words.  You would notice a words association chart that indicates the number of words in each post on the blog that is performing in various positions. You may use this chart to study the average amount of words per article and write your optimal article length to outperform your competition.

Words Correlation Charts
Words Correlation Charts

It displays the number of words vertically in charts on the left side. And on the bottom, it displays the position of the webpage in terms of ranking based on the number of words.

Keywords Correlation Charts

The third alternative is Keywords Correlation Charts, and when you select it, you will get a chart that indicates the number of specific keywords that a webpage contains, as well as its location.

Keywords Correlation Charts
Keywords Correlation Charts

Here on the left vertical side, you will notice various numbers, which represent the keywords that a webpage contains, and on the bottom horizontal side, you would see the various positions of different web pages, each of which has a distinct ranking and quantity of keywords. With the aid of this graph, you can determine which keywords are associated with a given webpage.

Explain how to understand its results & information

Keywords Everywhere Pricing

The following is an overview of Surfer’s pricing:

Pick your plane
Pick your plane

If you want to choose monthly payment, you will pay $29 per month for “Pastime,” $59 per month for “Basic,” $99 per month for “Professional,” $199 per month for “Enterprise,” and $649 per month for “Corporate Plus.” If you switch to yearly billing, you save roughly 10%.

The capabilities available to you are essentially the same across the plan (including one notable distinction: the Hobbies package does not include page performance analysis). However, the higher-tier plans allow you to run a LOT more reports.

For instance, with Hobby, you receive 5 inquiries every day. And 300 if you add Enterprise Plus. That’s 60 times more reports.

So how would the price of Surfer SEO contrast to related resources?

You can’t possibly compare a composed entirely SEO system like Ahrefs to Surfer. Ahrefs offers far more functionality.

Surfer focuses solely on on-page SEO research. However, it lacks Ahrefs’ tools for backlink research, SEO site audits, and rank tracking.

As a result, I don’t think it’s fair to compare Surfer’s cost to that of an SEO software suite like Ahrefs. They are two distinct instruments.

However, Surfer may be compared to its major competitor, Clearscope.

Clearscope charges a single monthly fee of $350.

Plans & Pricing
Plans & Pricing

With that, users get 50 searches each month. Which are three times less expensive.

The tools are not the same. They are, nonetheless, comparable. So, in comparison to Clearscope, Surfer SEO is a far better bargain.


Keyword Surfer FAQS

Which languages does Keyword Surfer support in their product?

Surfer offers keywords in 70 different nations. Some of them are following.

United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, France, India, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Ukraine, Mexico, Indonesia.

What kind of support options does Keyword Surfer offer?

  • Display quarterly search volume.
  • Look for fresh keyword ideas.
  • Discover information from top results.
  • Obtain content standards.
  • The dataset includes 70 different countries.

What type of training does Keyword Surfer provide?

Keyword Surfer provides Surfer Academy, by taking advantage of Surfer with unlimited tips and tricks packaged into training videos and live sessions. This includes some of the following.

  • Introduction to Surfer
  • Step Guide to Creating Content
  • Content Editor Explained
  • Content Planner Explained

Does the Keyword Surfer extension support different Google GEO locations?

Indeed, you may modify the results returned by keyword surfer for various Google Search GEO regions. Try clicking on the flag symbol and choose the appropriate nation from the drop-down list.

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