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How Canva app work | Online Graphical Tool

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The Canva app can help you create an awesome design to upload on social media through your mobile and for other purposes. An app can be very useful if your laptop and desktop are out of range for time being. And you need to have an instant design, then Canva app is for you. Canva is an online graphical tool very useful for those who don’t have good graphical skills.

The app may not work as efficiently as on a laptop because of the internet connection or small screen sizes. But if you want to work on a project of brank kit. Then must use the Canva online website through a desktop or big tablet.

Now if you like to work with the Canva app then move to its premium version which can have more advanced and useful features to improve user experience. This way you can create thousands of creative designs in very little.

Features of Canva App

The Canva App has many exciting features, but here I will be sharing the important one only. Now you want to explore more the download app from the play store.

home page

Home screen

The Home screen will have many categories including your recent designs, social media post designs, resumes, blog posts, Instagram posts, and other categories in which you work mostly. Because he only shows the designs in which you have the most interest. And if you click on the search icons then you will have more search suggestions to explore more designs.

Design Screen

If you click on All design icons, then here you will see all your previous designs. You can also view the templates you just used either on mobile or desktop. You will have your all-previous design in your account. Further, you can edit, the update can customize the design to a new shape to make it more attractive. So, keep design to enhance your skills.

all design

The Menu screen has all the required options you see in a sidebar when working from the desktop.  Here you will have recent designs, brand kit settings, classwork if you join the class, your folders with data, and also a trash box. You can restore your design within thirty days you deleted it, after that it will be deleted permanently. And other account settings if want to change these.

Customize your design

Once you have selected the then you can fully customize your design. You can add photos, style elements, change font size, change backgrounds, highlight text, add a graphic, animate the design, make a video, and many others options that can help you to create the design you want.  And full fil the design requirements that are essential for the project. All this can be done in Canva mobile app.

Download and share your design

Now you are fully customized your design. It’s time to download the design and share it on a different social media platform. The Canva app makes it easier to share your design on different social media platforms. The design can be saved in different high and medium image formats to have a high-quality project and design quality.

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