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What is iCloud and How Does iCloud Mail works

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iCloud is the service provided by Apple to its users, who can store photos, documents, music, and iCloud mail from sending and receiving email from any platform.  The information or data you saved on the cloud can be accessed from the device and can be saved in your storage if you want.

iCloud mail

The iCloud mail is the part of the iCloud account, when you create an account on iCloud, he must signup with a unique user id which is a mail. The mail can service can be managed through a web browser. And if you have an iCloud+ account then you can also send email from a specific domain (service is only available in few countries).

How iCloud mail works

To access all the features of the iCloud mail you must signup and create an account. Then next few steps, you have to set up the account on your apple device. The iCloud email has many features but here I will be explaining only a few and an important one for quick review and understanding of iCloud mail.

Add and manage iCloud email allies

The user can create three allies of iCloud mail and start sending or receiving from these allies. And also, set up the setting from a specific device. On iCloud+ you can add your custom domain and create the iCloud email which appears before the domain name. Further, you can do your custom domain mail by going to the setting.

Customer mail domain

If you create a unique mail domain on iCloud.com then set up the account for sending and receiving mails. Keep in mind that a custom mail domain is only available in few countries.

Hide your mail name or identity

It has special hide my mail features. Through which you can create any random email address to send mails. You can set this mail as the default mail address for sending mails. Now, when you reply to such type of mail, whose identity is hidden then, then your identity will also be hidden from the receiver. You can also filter the mail send by hiding my mail features by going to the settings.

Write and send mail

This part is as simple as you think. You will have to write a professional mail then add receiver details. You can add some multimedia and format the test or add links to make it more attractive.

Manage junk mail

The system can read the files and marked them as junk if they don’t have good information or if the mail sender is not recognized. The files in the junk folder will be deleted after 30 days, so you must check the junk folder in case some important mail is marked as junk.

The iCloud mail also has other features such as managing mail in different folders, Achieve the mail, and delete unwanted emails. You can also read the complete guide on How to use iCloud mail on tablet and mobiles phones. To have a more exciting experience.

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