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How All in One WP Migration Works

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WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that hosts millions of websites. And 1/3 of the world’s websites are created from the WordPress platform. When a user wants to migrate their WordPress site from one server to another, then it can be difficult if you do it manually. All in One WP Migration plugin makes it easier for the users to migrate the site.

There are also other good plugins available to migrate the WordPress site, but All in One WP Migration make it much easier.

Migrate WordPress site:

1.      Install All in One WP Migration plugin

Login to the WordPress admin panel. Go to the Plugin option and click on the Add New Plugin. Now search All in One WP Migration in the search bar. The first plugin in search will be the plugin you are looking for. Click on the install button. Then after installation, activate the plugin.

2.      Import site

Now the plugin is activated. Go to the dashboard of All-in-One WP Migration > Export. Here you will have different file options to import your WordPress.  The first review reviews all available options to find the best for your website. Once you have selected the file types, next you will the export button. After clicking the button, the process will start. It will take some time depending upon the size of the website.

When the process is complete, the file will save to your local storage. In All in One WP Migration, only import website database and content. So, at the new server, you have to install WordPress again.

3.      Import site

Importing the WordPress site is much easier than exporting. Navigate to the All-in-One WP Migration > Import. Here you will see the drag file option and also the select file option. Once the file is selected, you may face the File Size limitation. By default, in the free version of the plugin, you can upload the file up to 64MB. If you want to import a larger file, then buy the additional storage from the store.

Once the file is uploaded then click on the import button to start the processing.

So, you can see that, migrate the WordPress site is much easier with All in One WP Migration. There are also other useful WordPress plugins that can help you to track the activities of the site.

Features of All in One WP Migration

  1. Available in 50+ languages translations, even in Japanese
  2. Does not have host or operating system limitations
  3. Compatible with mobile devices
  4. Full product support
  5. Traktor Desktop will help you to extract files from WPRESS files
  6. People with disabilities can use the plugin
  7. The plugin is supported by a wide range of hosting providers
  8. It has a wide list of premium extensions

Now, what are you waiting for? Go to the WordPress site and explore the plugin to minimize your effort and work by using this flexible All in One WP Migration plugin.

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