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Grammarly for Chrome | Chrome Extension

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The chrome extensions prove to be very helpful. Extensions maximize your browsing experience and give in-depth knowledge of any web page. In the same way, Grammarly for chrome can help you in writing an attractive and impressive article that can impress any reader.

It can help you write a beautiful message with perfect words and left your reader in astonishment. Grammarly for chrome will help you at all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, or any online group discussion.

Benefits of Grammarly for Chrome

  • Write a job-winning email
  • Write an impressive article one line
  • Drop an informative comment
  • Join various group discussions online
  • Create a new and separate document

Add Grammarly to Chrome

Go to the link Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome.

The add the exertion to your chrome by following the instructions. And login to the account to activate it.

Where does Grammarly for Chrome work?

Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo

The mail is an important platform in professional interaction. You replayed daily questions and giving feedback. It is necessary to have a perfect paragraph. Sometimes you noticed a mistake after sending the mail that can leave a bad impact on the reader. Grammarly will help you identify the mistake and suggest a perfect word.

Google Docx

Google Docx is the perfect place to store and manage your important files. And also edit them online to save them. Then you can read these documents from any device. While editing the google docx in chrome, Grammarly will guide you to write a perfect paragraph with no grammatical and sentences mistakes. And also analyze your text to tell you how it sounds to the reader such as friendly, confident, confident, or informative.


LinkedIn is the best platform for the interaction of professionals around the world. People here share their achievements, failures, success stories, innovation, and advancement in any field. Here Grammarly will help you in writing an attractive post that can grape readers’ attraction and compelled them to share it with friends. So, start using Grammarly to leave a good impression.

WordPress or Wix.com

WordPress is the biggest CMS used by millions of websites inkling blogging, marketing, e-commerce, and many others. Wix.com is also an excellent platform to help people in building an attractive website. A website with average content cannot attract users as compared to a site with awesome knowledge. So, while writing a daily blog post for readers, use Grammarly that can guide you to write a captivating and friendly post.

Facebook and Twitter

On Facebook, people share their life stories and experience with family and friends. On the other hand, Twitter is an excellent platform to share your point of view with others. While writing a Facebook post or tweet, you must be confident of your words. The words can leave a huge impact on people’s lives if we use them correctly. Here Grammarly will help you in writing a clear and perfect paragraph for the readers.

What Other Grammarly Has?

Grammarly has many advanced tools to help the writers community around the world. So join Grammarly to enjoy it on mobile keyboards, web browsers, on desktop, and even in Microsoft Word.

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