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10 Best Useful Features of OneDrive

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OneDrive is a free internet-based storage place. Which allows you to store millions of files for free. You can store your important file there and can access them anywhere through the internet. It provides security to the user of data because user’s data is their topmost priority. You can think OneDrive as a hard drive that is online and though that you can share data with friends with some extra benefits.
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There are many useful features of OneDrive.

Features of OneDrive

1.    Easy sharing

Through OneDrive you can scan your files, folder, Zip file, and all other files to Drive. And though this you can share the files or folder with email. This can be very easy with drive. With a few clicks, you can share data among different users of the same type.

First, can also allow the user to edit and view access. Because some files are only for reading purposes not editing. And second, you can also add expired data to your file. After expiry data, your data will not be available to the users you send.

2.    Store millions of data

One drive is already installed on your PCs if you are using windows. You can add multiple folders to the OneDrive. And it will automatically scan the data to the connect mail account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account then go and create one first.

The drive allows you to store tons of data in your account. Because it provides you one terabyte free space to store your files, which you don’t want to lose. You can store your files in the device and the online cloud storage as well. because to sometimes needs a file to be in the device for some use.

3.    Work from home

The drive allows you to work from home. You can store all your office important files to drive and access them from any home device. You can edit, update and delete the file or folder from it. This way does your important work from home and gets the documents from the office when you reach there.

You can also use the online version of the drive, Microsoft 365 app, and share point. This way you can online edit the files rather than editing them on the device and scanned them to the one drive. This is a one-step-ahead feature that gives uses more flexibility and easy to do work from home.

4.    Anywhere access

The access anywhere features is the best feature. Because it allows you to access your important files from anywhere. You will just need a smart device and internet to access the file.

For example, if you have scanned your all-important device to the account, then in an emergency, you forgot to transfer your file to a portable device. Then you can easily download the file from the OneDrive mobile app. That’s means drive can save you from bad situations.

5.    Automatic saving of documents

The auto-scan option can automatically scan all the documents to the drive. You just have to add the folder you want to scan. Then the files will automatically be scanned to the account you connected account.

This can be the best option for you if you mistakenly delete the important file then you can restore the file from your account. It can also scan the changes you made to the file after uploading it. And if you want the previous version of the file, you updated you can also get that file through OneDrive.

6.    Collaboration through OneDrive

In today’s, busy scheduling we need an app that can be connected to all our important works even with family and friends. The OneDrive allows sharing the same data among all team members which are supervised by the team lead or admin. You can get the file and update it online, through which the updated file will be available to everyone.

And admin can also view each team member and the work its team doing. He can estimate the team’s progress. Bring all the work at one point can help the worker, and managers to manage their work with high performance and quick response from workers.

7.    Faster email sending

The mail is the important factor of any type of business, they need to send many emails on daily basis to investors, partners, and organizations. Not only business but students also your mail to send their work to teachers. Because of the teaching method in a change in previous few decades.

Through OneDrive you can easily share the files, folders, and zip files with other users. But receivers must log in to its drive. Because it is shared only with the peoples who have drive account. So, be sure if your receivers had the drive installed.

8.    OneDrive Mobile apps

The OneDrive is not only a desktop app. You can download the mobile app. To get the drive’s files on your mobile as well. it gives you more flexibility and ease of sharing. You can scan your desktop data to drive and get the data on mobile. But you must have an active internet data connection to get the recent files.

And this can help you to have your important files on your mobile and you can directly access, share, reads and print these files.

9.    Secure access

The files you share with the drive are secured with one-to-one encrypted security. Your files will only be available to those you share with. And you can also set if he edits or views the file only, which will give you more flexibility.

The top priority of the dive is to secure the data of users. Because if the users’ data is not secure then people will not trust the drive with their documents. So, don’t be scared that your data will leak out to a third party.

10.   One Drive support all file types

Sometimes your desktop did not support all the files type and you need to install new software to open a few files. But OneDrive gives you this amazing feature that you can open all types of files with the drive.

No need to download additional software to read files.


The OneDrive can easily secure your data in online cloud-based storage with high security. And gives access to the data from anywhere. It allows sharing files among others users with extra advanced features.

If you don’t have to install the OneDrive yet, then install the app and start using it. It will make your life more easier and manageable.

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