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5 Best Trending Features of Next JS

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In this continuously evolving world, new frameworks and languages are coming with advanced features to make it easy for the developer. This will eventually result in advanced web development with high security. Next.js is an advanced form of React.js with much more features and advanced optimization concepts

Such as in React you can not perform SEO on each page. But in Next, a developer can easily achieve Page SEO up to 100%. And it only loads the JavaScript and CSS files that are required by a specific page. Which can reduce the page load and eventually result in rapid response to the client-side.

In Next.js there are two different types of pre rending based on when it generates the HTML page. First is Static Generation, in which the HTML page is generated at the build time and reused when is a user request. The second is Server-side Rendering, in which the HTML page is generated on each request.
Now let’s talk about some important and awesome features of Next.js which are introduced to make the production much easier.

Image Optimization.

The first version of Next Js has an image optimization concept that reduces the initial page loading time. In next.js the ‘next/image’ replace the HTML <img> tag which can be used for the modern web with advanced features. This feature allows serving images in modern formats like WebP if the browser supports it, optimization, and resizing.

It will avoid the large image on a big screen and also adopt the future image format of the particular browser to support it. Because of advanced, it can optimize all the types even if the image is hosted on external CMS.
The framework did not optimize the images at the build time rather it is optimized the images on demand when request by the client.  It will not reduce the response time whether the page has 10 pictures or 10 million pictures. And the last, images are lazy load by default. It means, it only loads the image shown in the viewport, as you scroll down to the next image. Then it will be loaded to view.

Fast Refresh

When you are building the website front-end you want to preview the page as fast as possible. Because of fast refresh features in Next Js which compile the code that has just been edit to the program and show the result instantly. That will eventually reduce the production time and rapid application development.

If you edit the file which only exports the react components then it will only update the specific file. And re-render the file. You can now edit the components, their logic, styles sheets, and event handlers. But if you are running the file which did not import the react components. Then when you edit the file it will re-run both the file and other imported functions as well.

The last, if you are using the files outside the react tree then it will reload all the components and files. In Next Js, if you face a syntax error the simply correct it. And you will get the page preview without reloading the page.

AMP Support

The AMP version of any website is an important SEO factor. Today most searches come from mobile and iPhones. Because not everyone can afford a laptop or a desktop. In Next JS you can easily convert the website to amp with a few simple steps and without leaving the React.

The AMP provides many components to the pages in Next Js more attractive. If you want to apply amp to the site then with a few steps, the Next Js will import all the components you needed to make the site AMP. Click the link to read more about AMP configuration

The developer can easily validate the pages whether these are AMP or not in production mode amphtml-validator. If your app has some warning and error then it will appear in the console. You can also set custom to validate in react app and also close it if you want.

Font Optimization

Next also has the concept of font optimization to load the page faster and reduce the response time. Now life is busy and much more active. People want a rapid result and if you cannot provide what users want then you are at loss. The fast response rate is an important SEO factor and you must consider it while developing the web and mobile app.

The font CSS will be capture and saved at the build time, the system doesn’t have to take a round trip to fetch the font. This will affect both the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and First Contentful Paint (FCP). And these both can badly affect the SEO if you don’t app attention.

Because the Head tag which is an import from next/head allows you to add font style to each page if the user wants. And also add it to the base file to apply the same font style to all pages.

Automatic Static optimization

The Next is a framework that allows the render the proper HTML pages to make the SEO score higher and allow web crawlers to easily understand the website structure. If your website has proper high SEO security the Google and other search engines would love it and rank it higher in the best websites list.

The framework can easily identify if the page has static data or not through the ‘getInitialProps’ and ‘getServerSideProps’.  Further, it will allow the site to render both types of web pages such as ‘statically generated’ and ‘server-rendered. The best benefit of these features is that pages do not require server-side computations and send the response to the client in less time. Which increases the response time of the web or app.


If you are thinking about a web page with a high response time, Good SEO security, have advanced features with no page loading then the Next Js is your best option. The Next Js community is in continuous progress to advance their features and make production easier for all types of developers.

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