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Connect Xbox One Controller To PC | 3 Easy Ways

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The Xbox one controller provides you best gaming experience on a PC. Which can allow further to have multidimensional consoles that can double the enjoyment. For Xbox one there is a wide range of digital games are present in the market. From high streaming to heavy games, you can play alone in your room or can have fun while playing with friends.

The games can be played with a mouse and keyboard but if you are using Xbox one controller then your experience can be three times more. There are many best Xbox Controllers in the market.

Connecting the Xbox Controller to Pc is much easier than you think. If you are connecting the Xbox one controller to pc the first time, then I can make it easy for you. Keep reading the article to get details.

1.  Steps to connect the Xbox One Controller to PC via USB

  1. Take your controller and connect the micro-USB cable side to the top of the device.
  2. And now take the other end of the charging cable and plug it into your PC or laptop. All the PC’s mostly configure the Xbox one Controller automatically.

The user can connect up to eight controllers simultaneously with the charging cable.  Further, if you want to connect Chat Headsets cables then you can connect only up to four controllers.

2.  Steps to connect Controller to PC via Bluetooth

  1. Turn on the wireless device
  2. Press & hold the bind and Xbox button for three seconds until the backlights is on or the controller begins to flicker rapidly.
  3. Now start your PC and go the “Settings” and click on ”Devices” then “Bluetooth & Other devices”
  4. Enable the “Bluetooth”
  5. Add the new devices by clicking the “Bluetooth” or ” Everything Else”. After that, the computer will start looking for new devices around.
  6. In devices, the list selects the “Xbox one Controller” or your controller’s name. And the windows will configure the selected controller and connect it.

3.  Steps to connect via Adapter

The Xbox one controller adaptor is a small device that is used to connect the controller to your pc or laptop easily.

  1. Start your laptop or PC with windows 10 and plugin the adaptor into it.
  2. Then go to the setting and enable the Bluetooth as we tell in the previous method and look for the name of the adaptor in the list. Once appears that means installation is done.
  3. Turn on your controller by button and angle it towards the adaptor until it is done using the Bind Button.
  4. When it is on, the small light will flash for several seconds.
  5. Both Adapter and controller should flash rapidly for several seconds. Now it is stopped, these are ready to use.

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