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How to Design Canva PowerPoint Presentation

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The Canva PowerPoint presentation helps you to create an attractive and eye-catching presentation that can win your audience’s heart. You must have been bored of Microsoft PPT, which has the same old design and templates. It is quite irritating to repeat the same design in multiple presentations.

The Canva has brought new features to make your presentation, which to another level. In Canva you will have access to unlimited graphical elements, photos, fonts, styles, colors, and other small tools to enhance the presentation. Making a beautiful presentation in Canva is very easy because the tool is available online and has simple drag & drop mechanisms.  You can also make a Canva presentation in Canva App for both android and iPhones.

Let’s discuss few steps to completely build a new presentation in Canva.

Start new presentation

First of all, you must have an account in Canva to make designs and import them. You can easily log in with Facebook or Google account and have a free account for an unlimited period. In a free account, you will have limited access to all Canva Features. Upgrade to the premium account you needed.

Find the perfect Template

The Canva presentation comes with thousands of templates, which you can edit, customize and have it the way you want. You can also start creating your presentation from zero if you are good at designing. But using the build-in templates helps you work faster and complete it on time.

Browse different features

As we explain earlier the Canva Premium Account will give you access to unlimited Professional Photos with high quality, graphical designs, Icons, illustrations, or animation which can make simple presentations much more attractive if you use them perfectly. It also gives you the option to share the presentation with friends to work collaboratively and have good results.

Customize the design

Once you have finalized the presentation template. Now next step is to customize the Canva PowerPoint presentation with different styles, photos, and animations. A person with good graphical skills can do a lot of things and experiment with different designs. But if you are not good then keep practicing and you will learn everything you want with time.

Save and present

Now you have an awesome and attractive presentations design that can win the heart of your audience. The presentation is reading to save and present. You can also save your presentation in different formats in quality. But if you want to present it, then open the presentation live from the website to have all animation and illustrations.

What is new in Canva PowerPoint

The PowerPoint by Microsoft is old now, people want an attractive and awesome design that can win them the best proposal in the market. A person with less graphical interest will end up making simple slides with simple font size which can disappoint the client and end up losing the projects. It’s time to look for a new and easy-to-use tool, which has hundreds of possibilities Canva PowerPoint Presentation.

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