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How Canva for Students Work and Helping the Teachers

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We all think that students can only learn in class or halls. We associate the study to schools and colleges. Which is now changed. Studies show that where you learn is matter less as compare to what you learn. The physical activities help the students to explore their skills and polish them as well.

Canva is also trying to help the students and teachers to build a creative sociality with advanced skills. Here comes the Canva for education, which can help both teachers and students. Teachers can enhance student’s work and help them to build creative designs or projects.

Canva for students

The Canva for education works for both students and teaches. Let them collaborate and merge them into a single platform. At this time when fathering all the class students is difficult, Canva will gather them in one place, where a teacher can create a learning environment for students. Where he can assign works, grade this work, tag the students and also help them to improve the projects as well.

Why choose Canva for students

If you are a teacher and moving education to an online work class then Canva for education is for you. Where you will have access to hundreds of free features for both students and teachers. The teacher can create an account and add his whole class to it to start working on projects.

This platform is also compatible with other existing platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Drive, and Dropbox as well. So, you don’t have to worry about your previous work, that all would be here in a single place. Here you will have access to millions of templates to start work on.

Canva for students features

1.  Have access to millions of free pictures and graphics

You will have all the pro features of Canva in Canva for education account. Such as unlimited access to thousands of photos that are free to use in your creative work and school projects.

The graphics features are amazing, all these small graphics help the students to think from a different perspective. To create something new and out of this world. Canva for teachers will help every teacher to reduce their burden and help the student to grow.

2.  Intuitive collaboration

When all students and teachers come to the single platform, they can discuss new ideas, share their work with others, helping each other’s, taking notes from teachers. All these things together create a healthy learning environment for students.

3.  Wide range of file types

Students work on multiple projects; their working domain is can be different. But Canva will help you there. You can download your project in multiple file formats according to the requirements.

How to create an account of Canva for education

The Canva is free for teachers, who can create a free pro-Canva account. Then create a classroom for students and invite them as well. Go to their official website and signup to have a Teacher Pro account. And enjoy the thrilling experience of online projects and classwork with your students.

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