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Benefits of Green Tea on Physical Health

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People have had impressive health benefits from green tea for centuries. Research shows that drinking green tea helps in weight loss, healthy skin, and also reduces the chances of heart-related diseases. According to the International Institute of Sustainable Development, green tea is the second most-consumed liquid after water around the world. This tea is made from unoxidized tea leaves and the least processed types of tea.

People in Indian and Chinese cultures used green tea as medicine to heal wounds, improve heart health, control bleeding, helps in digestion, and improve mental health. So, you can see the benefits of green tea are unlimited.

5 Impressive Benefits of Green Tea

1.      Have a healthy bioactive compound

The benefits of green tea are unlimited because it contains many healthy compounds that make it the perfect light drink. It has polyphenol in rich amounts, which helps in fighting cancer and reducing inflammations. Further, it has epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that helps to prevent cell damage and has other health benefits.

2.      Improve mental health

Green tea not only keeps you active and also boosts brain functionality. The key ingredient is caffeine which is also known as a stimulant. But don’t worry it is present in moderator amount to keep you active enough without too much caffeine. Many types of research show that it can improve different parts of the brain, and improve health such as reaction time, migraine, vigilance, and memory.

3.      Prevent type 2 diabetes

Diabetes is now become a common disease in people due to unhealthy food and diet routine. In diabetes type, two people will have high sugar levels, which resist the production of insulin in the body.  And studies have shown that green tea help in reducing blood sugar level and promote insulin production.

4.      Prevent cardiovascular disease

Heart stroke and disease are the most common cause of death worldwide. Many studies show that drinking green tea can improve the main factor of heart diseases such as improving LDL (bad) cholesterol level and total cholesterol. People who drink green tea have a 31% lower risk of dying from heart disease. So, try to add a cup of green tea to your diet plan.

5.      Promote good oral health

The benefit of green tea also includes good oral health. With many beneficial ingredients, it also has catechins that are good for oral health. Some studies have shown that catechins inhibit the growth of oral bacteria in a laboratory. But green tea can have similar effects is not confirmed yet.

Optimal Amount of Green Tea

You have read the benefits of green tea, so you must try to drink 3 to 5 cups of green daily to have better health effects and active day routine.

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