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AWS Free Tier Account Services

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Amazon web services provide 100+ products to help the organization and individuals users to manage their data and information. Big companies like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Netflix, Facebook, and many others are using AWS EC2 services.  Now you can estimate that AWS is the best place to buy cloud computing services and products to enhance your business. The AWS free tier includes limited services in various categories.

You can buy the free version of services to test its products and also to use them for small businesses.

Top users of AWS

These are the top users of AWS and their monthly usage based on EC2 service

  1. BBC $9 million
  2. LinkedIn $13 million
  3. Facebook $11 million
  4. Adobe $8 million
  5. Twitter $7 million
  6. Netflix $19 million
  7. ESPN $8 million
  8. Twitch $15 million

Now you can see big organizations are taking AWS, then why are waiting. Go to the AWS page to find the best service for your business.

Top 5 AWS free tire products

The AWS free tire includes few services with limited usage on a specific product. These services include free service, 12 months free services, and always free services. But if you are using the AWS free tier then you have to use limited services and compromise on your data. Let’s discuss the top 5 AWS free tier services.

1.      Amazon EC2 (Computing)

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud service that provides resizable and secure computing capacity in the cloud. It allows complete control of your cloud resources. In the free tier, the user can use 750hours per month for 12 months without paying anything.

2.      Amazon S3 (Storage)

Amazon Simple Storage Service is a storage service that provides security, data availability, high performance, and industry-leading scalability.  The users can store all sizes of data from big organizations to small websites. It is designed to meet each type of business requirement. In AWS free tier, the user has 5GB free space with 20, 000 put and gets a request for 12months.

3.      Amazon RDS (Database)

Amazon Relational Database Service makes it easy to create, operate and scale databases in the cloud. It provides resizable capacity and cost-efficient service with automation admirations tasks such as backups, patching, and setups.  In the free tier version, users can use 750Hours per month with 20GB SSD storage and 20GB for backups for 12months.

4.      Amazon LightSail (Computing)

Amazon LightSail is easy to use virtual private service which provides everything you need to build and maintain the application with cost-effective monthly plans. In AWS free tier, users can have 750hour per month for 3 months. And can also add other services as well to the monthly package.

5.      Amazon Guard Duty (SECURITY, IDENTITY, & COMPLIANCE)

The Amazon Guard Duty works as a security system that continually monitors the system from any type of threat and informs the owner.  It monitors any unauthorized malicious activity inside the cloud and many other tasks to protect the cloud. In the free tier, users can have 1 Free month trial of Amazon Guard duty service.

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