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10 Hidden & Useful Features of Google’s Chrome

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If you are a person who searches daily on web browsers to get information. Then you must know about Chrome. About 65% of web users use Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome got more popularity among its users because of its many useful features. It can make searching easier by saving your history and help you search fast next time by suggesting various search queries.

Many other web browsers have their unique features but most of them are similar. Google’s Chrome enhancing its feature frequently to provide the best experience to its users.

Let’s discuss some hidden and useful features of Google Chrome

1. Incognito Mode

The incognito mode is a very useful feature if you don’t want your activity being monitored by Google’s account. This option can be helpful if you are browsing for some holiday gifts or adult activities.

incognito mode - chrome

You can turn on the incognito mode by clicking the three dots option on the right top side of the chrome. Then select the new incognito window. A new window with incognito mode, now you can search any queries, but it will not be monitored by any other resource.

2. Cast your screen

If you want to watch live video streaming on your TV such as Netflix then, you can use the cast function of google chrome. Which can cast your PC or laptop screen to TV, to enjoy a great video experience.

Right-click anywhere on google Chrome or three dots in the right top to select the cast option. Then scanning will start and you can select the relevant device to start live video streaming from PC to TV.

3. Create shortcut

You visit many sites on daily basis, but sometimes your life few sites more than others. Such a technology blogging site, those upload new technology updates every day. Then you would like to keep that on your mobile or desktop.

Then create a site shortcut, which will look like an application and directly shift you to your favorite site. Open any site, then click on three dots at the top right, then go to more tools and select the create shortcut portion to create one.

4. Scan your bookmarks & history across all devices

If you are a multi-user and use many devices, such as a tablet, PC, laptop, and mobile as well. then you will want to keep your data available on all devices. Then you can sync your data on all devices.

Login to all devices with the same Google account, and enable syncing. It will start syncing you browsing history, bookmarks and other information such as password will be synched in all devices.

That can help you if you have a personal desktop as workplace and laptop for office usage and others. All data will be available for you anywhere you log in.

5. Quick search

The quick search features let you search any phrase, word, or sentence, then you can easily do it. Open any site, select or highlight the specific work, you want to read, the right clicks, and go for the search option.

A new page will open with thousands of results related to your keyword search. This feature can help you if daily basis reader and beginner.

quick search - google chrome

6. Arrange & manage tabs

Browsing can be difficult if you have so many tabs open in chrome. For example, you are doing your assignment and need to read or collect data from multiple sites and different topics.

Then you can manage the tab by diving or creating a groups tab. Right-click on any tab to create a new tab or to add the page to groups. You can move the pages around to change their position. Create multiple tabs with different colors to differentiates these.

Now you have created many groups tabs. Open and close the tab as many as you can want. This can make you more productive.

7. Search among tabs

If you have so many tabs open in Google chrome, then finding any specific can be difficult. Then you can search any tabs, among all open tabs or groups easily.

To search the tab, click on the arrow down icon at the right top of chrome, then a new box will open to search tabs. As you start writing, relevant pages will start comping up, select the tab, and jump to that page directly.

earch tabs - google chrome

These features help many, so keep learning new tips related to chrome to improve your skills and productivity.

8. Open recently closedchrome tabs

Sometimes in panic or hustle, you accidentally close the tabs. It can frustrating, to search again and find the page again. But it can be very easy if you know where to find these. Google chrome keeps the history of all tabs you ever closed.

Simply click on the tabs bar and open the recently closed tab. You can also press ctrl+shift+T open the recently closed tab. If you want to open more previously closed tabs, then click on the three dots in the top right and go to the history. Here are all closed tabs is available from start to until now.

9. Reading list

The reading list is the best feature for the reader. If you don’t have time to read an article the save it for later. You will not need and an internet connection to read the article. Chrome will save the page offline for you.

Then when you are free, you can open the reading list, where you all article will be there. It also mentioned the read and unread article. So, you will not get confused that either you read the article or not.

Click on the start icon in the URL tab to save the page to bookmark or reading list.

10. Password manager

Remembering your password is very difficult if you have multiple accounts on many sites. Google Chrome will save you login details whenever you signup or login to a new website. It will ask you before or updating or saving the passwords.

Google Chrom is updating continuously to add more advanced features and to enhance the user experience. Due to its help & great features, more than 65% of users use Google Chrom for search engines.

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